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Faculty Laptop Program

BSU Technical Support provides laptops to full-time faculty. New faculty can contact Melissa Arneson to set up an orientation session and receive a laptop.

2012 Faculty Laptop Program Information

Technical Support also collaborates with departments to assist in providing laptops to Adjuncts and teaching Graduate Assistants upon eligibility and availability.

Eligibility is verified by a signed employment contract on file with their department and a laptop request form signed by the Department Chair. Laptops are issued to adjuncts and teaching graduate assistants by Technical Support and must be returned to Tech Support on or before the due date listed on the laptop checkout form.

There is currently no cost to this program. However, if an adjunct or GA would like to upgrade the laptop provided to them, their department would be responsible for any purchases (e.g. extra RAM, wireless cards, mouse, keyboard, etc..)

Please click the link below, complete the laptop request form and return to Melissa Arneson, Box 26.

Faculty Laptop Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q )

Can I upgrade or repair my BSU-owned laptop on my own?

A )

No, do not open the case to do any upgrades or repairs on your own. Computer Support...

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