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Computer Lab staffed hours

STC (Memorial 11) M-Th 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and F 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Decker Lab (DH11) M-Th 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and F 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Library - 1st and 3rd floor tech support staffed regular Library hours

Computer Labs - General Policies & Procedures

The BSU Public Labs (Student Technology Center/STC in M11, Decker lab in D11, and the Library) are funded by a portion of the per credit technology fee assessed to all students. Outline below are the Policies and Procedures designed to make the operation of the Labs flow as smoothly as possible.

STC, Decker and 1st Floor Library computers contain ALL software programs that BSU licenses.

**Walnut Hall now houses a 24 hour lab across from the C3 store. These computers and printer are available for any BSU student to use any time, night or day. All MnSCU Acceptable Use policies are in effect for these machines at all time. Misuse of these computers will result in an investigation by Technical Services.

General Policies and Procedures

  • Computers in the labs may be re-imaged at any time, please do not save private data to computers, rather save to personal flash drives or other external data.
  • Data on public lab computers may be accessible to other users. For personal privacy, please delete browsing history and cookies after use. Also, save private data to personal flash drives or other external data rather than to computer hard drives.
  • The Labs are a place for students to do their school assignments. Lab employees are not here to do customers' homework. If a customer does not understand his/her assignment or does not know how to use the programs which are assigned, she/he should consult the professor who assigned the work.
  • Should a Lab customer need assistance with the operation of a computer or application in the Lab, the customer may receive assistance from a Lab employee at the Front Desk.
  • Lab employees are students just like our customers, and can not be guaranteed to always have answers to every question. While the Lab attempts to be as helpful as possible, there are no guarantees for help in every situation.

Customer Identification

Upon entering the Public Labs (Student Technology Center/STC in M11 and Decker lab in D11), all customers must present appropriate identification card (as defined below) at the Front Desk. The Lab Employee will scan the ID to ensure it is valid and return the card to the customer. ID cards are not necessary in the Library.

  • All customers must present a current BSU Identification Card (ID) or a Lab Use Card upon entrance to the Public Labs (including those in classes), with the following exceptions: Others as permitted by the STC Student Manager or the CIO of Technical Services.
  • During the first two weeks of each semester, or during the first week of each summer session, a class schedule or Cashiers receipt will substitute for a current BSU ID.
  • Customers wishing to use the Public Labs must present their own BSU Identification Card and not one of another student. If a customer uses another student's ID card, the card will be confiscated and will be reported to the student conduct officer.
  • For legal reasons, the Public Labs can not accept a driver's license as a substitute for a BSU Identification Card.

The BSU Public Labs are funded by a portion of the per credit technology fee assessed to all students. The outlined Policies and Procedures designed to make the operation of the Public Labs flow as smoothly as possible.


Printing is provided to all customers of the Public Labs as outlined below. Laser printers are located across from the Student Technology Center front desk, next to the Decker front desk and on both 1st and 3rd floors of the Library. Color prints are charged for and the color printer is located behind the STC front desk. Students will have to pay at the front desk in order to use the color printer.

  • Printing to black and white laser printers is provided at no charge. *exceptions possible when printing is abused.
  • Printing to black and white laser printers may be done by Public Lab customers only.
  • If possible only FINAL copies of papers should be sent to the black and white laser printers. (Should this policy be abused, free black and white laser printing may be revoked at the discretion of the Public Labs Manager and the CIO of Computer Services.)
  • HP printers are NOT copying machines. For multiple copies, a customer should use the photocopier or go to the Campus Print Shop. If a customer prints multiple copies of a single document, the customer will ONLY receive ONE of these copies and the students name will be given to the Public Labs Manager. **Toshiba printers have copy and "scan to email" capabilities that are available for student use in some labs. 
  • Printing to the black and white laser printers will only be done on the white 20 pound paper the Public Labs provide. NO color paper, parchment paper, or transparencies should go through theLabs black and white laser printers.
  • Printing to color printers is only to be done by appropriate STC employees from the Color Print Desk. This is done to ensure that should an error in printing occur, the customer is not at fault. HOWEVER, customers need to ensure that the prints requested will fit on the appropriate number of pages, will be the appropriate colors, etc. A customer who forgoes this rule will need to pay for ANY print they produce regardless of the output, and will not be allowed to color print AT ALL until all pages have been paid for.
  • All used printer paper is recyclable and should be placed in the recycling bins.

Miscellaneous Policies and Procedures

  • Games of any kind are prohibited in the Public Labs (unless used in a class and authorized by the instructor).
  • No food or beverage are allowed in the Public Labs other than in the Wireless Lounge located at the back of Memorial 11. No food or drink in library.
  • No work may be done for private or commercial organizations on Public Labs equipment.
  • Bemidji State University Information Technology Services enforces the copyright laws of the USA. The Public Labs will NOT tolerate customers or employees making illegal copies of applications.
  • If a customer refuses to follow a Public Lab employee's directions concerning matters included in this document, employees should write a message including names, times, and descriptions of the incident. Lab employees will give these messages to the Public Labs Manager for further action.
  • If an individual repeats undesirable behavior, or if the actions immediately threaten the orderly operation of the Public Labs, the Lab employee can call the BSU Department of Security and Safety (755-3888) and ask for assistance.

Reservation Requests for Computer Classroom

Reservations can be made by contacting the Melissa Arneson at x3777.

  • Customers who have requests for specific computers, software or equipment must indicate this when they make a reservation.
  • Faculty must arrange classroom reservations for class use with the Public Labs Manager. Student employees CANNOT schedule or reserve the classroom for faculty.
  • Schedules of classroom reservations for classes will be posted on the web