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Printing & Copying

as of January 1, 2014

Campus Printers and Multi-Function Devices (MFD's)

When it comes to printing and copying, we have many options as to where it is most convenient to print or copy.  However, not every option is equally cost efficient.  BSU and NTC have both traditional state owned printers in addition to leased multi-function devices located in various strategic areas around campus for departmental use.  Though we have access to use both, the traditional printers cost more to operate and maintain than the multifunction devices.  As a result, the chargeback for each differs.  Please see the charge information below to determine what your department will be charged for copying and printing.
A letter from President Richard Hanson regarding paper consumption

Having trouble with your printer?

If you are having issues with your printer or copier, email Include in the email:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • The printer's physical location (building and room number)
  • The printer's model number (such as HP4015)
  • The T# from the Toshiba sticker
  • A description of the problem

BSU and NTC have maintenance contracts on all networked printers and copiers.  Our current contract is with Toshiba Business Solutions.  Helpdesk staff will determine if Toshiba needs to be called in to repair the printer. If it is an emergency or you are certain Toshiba will need to repair the printer, indicate in the ticket that you have already contacted Toshiba.

Chargeback Rates for Copying and Printing



3 cents per page at Printing Services
4 cents per page for the Toshiba Multi-Function Devices (MFD's)
5 cents per page for the traditional Hewlett Packard printers


10 cents per page at Printing Services
15 cents per page for the Toshiba Multi-Function Devices (MFD's)
20 cents per page for the traditional Hewlett Packard printers

Remember to print duplex whenever possible!  You get a 1/2 cent discount per page if you do!

Tutorials on how to use the Toshiba MFD's

Personal Printing and Copying

BSU and NTC printers and multi-function devices are for business use only.  Go to Printing Services for all of your personal printing and copying needs!

How charges appear on your accounting reports

Charges for jobs sent to Printing Services appear under object code 1411.
Charges for jobs sent to Toshiba MFD's appear under object code 1412.
Charges for jobs sent to Hewlett Packard printers appear under object code 1460.

How to set your default to grayscale printing

A great way to save money is to avoid printing in color unless absolutely necessary.  Below are the directions to set grayscale as your default.  The directions may vary slightly for different model printers.  Please call the Helpdesk at 755-3777 if you have any difficulties.

For machines running Windows:

Devices and Printers
Right click on the printer
Printing preferences
Go to the Color tab
Check the Print in Grayscale box
Click on Apply
Click OK

For machines running MAC OS click here

Scanning is free!

The Toshiba MFD's all have the scan feature.  You can scan to email or usb. There is no charge for this. You are encouraged to use scanning whenever possible to avoid printing and faxing costs. When using scan to email, we recommend scanning the document to yourself first and then forwarding it on through e-mail. That way you have a record of the document being sent.

To add e-mail addresses on a Toshiba MFD
USER FUNCTIONS button (on the copier)
ADDRESS (on the touch screen)
ADDRESS BOOK (on the touch screen)
Arrow down until you find an open box. Press it and enter the desired info.

How To Add A Printer

How to add a printer on a computer running Windows

How to add a printer on a computer running MAC OS

Print Authorization Codes

Some of the Toshiba MFDs on campus require you to have a code in order to use it.  If you need a code added to or deleted from a MFD, please send an email to:
Include the location of the machine, the name of the person it is for and the cost center that will pay for the prints and copies.  Once you are issued your code, your can store it in printing preferences so you don't need to enter it every time you print.  See the directions below.

Saving Codes on Toshiba eStudios for Windows 7 Users

Confidential Print Jobs

Do you have a confidential print job that can't be left sitting on the printer?  There is a solution for you!  Our Toshiba MFD's have a private printing option.  The Toshiba will not print your job until you walk up to the machine and login.  Detailed instructions are below.

Private Printing for Windows Users

Private Printing for MAC Users

Ordering Toner for Printers and MFD's

Toner is included in the cost of the maintenance contract on all networked printers and copiers.  It can be ordered online or by phone. However, online ordering will provide you with a confirmation email for future reference.  Our current vendor is Toshiba. Their contact information can be found on the sticker on the printer. The identification number of the printer will need to be provided.  Please remember to provide your name and location as well.  Call 800-927-1983 or visit

Toner Scams

You will never be contacted by the vendors requesting printer or MFD/copier information. If you receive such a call, it is more than likely a toner scam. DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR MACHINE INFORMATION TO THESE CALLERS!  Doing so may result in your department being shipped and charged for hundreds of dollars in toner.

Toner Recycling

BSU and NTC are teaming up with Toshiba to keep any imaging consumables from ANY photocopier, printer, or fax machine out of the landfills. Close the Loop takes back toner cartridges, toner bottles, inkjet cartridges, drum, fusers, and more. Thanks to our staff in the Mailroom, you can send all of these items there where collection boxes for recycling are placed. Please put items in a separate bag or box marked "Toner Recycling" and place them next to your mail bag. PLEASE DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE MAILBAG. Leaking toner will ruin the mail and the bag. It is that easy!

Note about Paper for Printers and MFD's:

Chargebacks for printing and copying include the cost of white 8.5x11 paper. Email to order paper.  If you need specialty paper, you must purchase that separately.  You will not be given a per page credit if you chose to use other paper.  NOTE:  If you have a non-networked printer, you need to pay for your paper.  Please let them know when you are ordering paper that you should be charged.