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Connecting to the Network

We strongly suggest following the instructions below to secure your computer and connect to the campus network in order to avoid virus infection.  Please use the network jack in your room to connect, using the instructions below.

If inappropriate activity is detected from the network connection assigned to you, your network connection will be disabled and placed in the quarantine network until virus and other malicious software is removed from your computer. This may require reformatting your computer so be sure to have the original CD's that came with your computer.

Connecting Your Computer to the Campus Network

1. Before You Begin

  • Ensure your computer meets the Computer Requirements.
  • Do you have a Category 5 network cable?
    You can purchase a network cable from the BSU Bookstore

2. Setting up your computer

  • Connect your computer to the network jack using Cat5 network cable
  • Open a web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer)
  • If your computer does not connect automatically, check the network settings on the computer.
    • DHCP enabled
    • Proxy not checked
    • DHCP assigns DNS
  • If you still have trouble connecting to the network contact Student Help Desk.

3. Securing your Computer

  1. Update Windows
  2. Ensure you have a known and trusted Antivirus Publisher.
  3. We have discontinued Symantec antivirus, if you currently are using the antivirus supplied by us, please remove.