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Connecting to the Network (Wired & Wireless)

BSU provides wireless network services across the campus, including our Residence Halls.  All of our wireless networks are encrypted and most require a unique username and password to access.  Residents are allowed to use their student login credentials on any number of wireless devices they own. 

In order to maintain a highly available, responsive wireless network, BSU ITS requires that no personal wireless access points or wireless routers be operating on campus grounds.  BSU ITS actively searches for rogue wireless access points and routers; we will insist on their removal.  Cellular carrier devices that provide wireless hotspot services are also not allowed; owners of smartphones that provide hotspot services are strongly encouraged to disable these services while on campus grounds.

Cedar Hall is currently not covered by BSU wireless services.  Only Cedar Hall residents are allowed to have personal wireless access points or routers.

Gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation) that have wireless capabilities may use our wireless networks.  If your device has an available Ethernet connection, BSU ITS recommends using it over connecting via wireless.  As these devices do not accept username/password login information, BSU ITS must create special accounts for each device.  Be aware that Nintendo’s Wii is too old to work on our wireless networks.  Other wireless devices, AppleTV, Roku, etc., are also allowed to connect to our wireless networks.   Wireless requests for these devices can be sent to  A sign-up form will be sent back to you to be returned via email. **ALL other support questions should be directed to or call 218-755-4207

There are also network jacks in your room you can use to connect to our network - please use the instructions below.

If inappropriate activity is detected from the network or wireless connection assigned to you, your network connection will be disabled and placed in the quarantine network until virus and other malicious software is removed from your computer. This may require reformatting your computer so be sure to have the original CD's that came with your computer.

1. Before You Begin

  • Ensure your computer meets the Computer Requirements.
  • Do you have a Category 5 network cable?
    You can purchase a network cable from the BSU Bookstore

2. Setting up your computer

  • Connect your computer to the network jack using Cat5 network cable
  • Open a web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer)
  • If your computer does not connect automatically, check the network settings on the computer.
    • DHCP enabled
    • Proxy not checked
    • DHCP assigns DNS
  • If you still have trouble connecting to the network contact Student Help Desk.

3. Securing your Computer

  1. Update Windows
  2. Ensure you have a known and trusted Antivirus Publisher.
  3. We have discontinued Symantec antivirus, if you currently are using the antivirus supplied by us, please remove.