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Telephone FAQ's

Can I access my voicemail remotely?

Yes. Call 755-2111.  When prompted, enter your 4 digit extension.  When you hear your message begin to play, press*.  When prompted, enter your passcode.

Can I transfer a call directly to voicemail?

Yes. Press the message key (envelope) and then either dial the target user’s extension or press the DSS / BLF key of the target user.

Can I look up numbers for other people that have a Mitel phone?

Yes. Press Phone Book, enter the first few letters of their last name, and then Lookup.

Can I forward my phone to someone else?

Yes.  You can set up call forwarding using the blue-grey button with the picture of a phone on it.  You can not forward your phone to a long distance number. 

How do I edit the labels on my keys?

Press: The blue-grey button with the picture of a phone on it.

  • Settings
  • Programmable Keys The key you want to edit Edit Label
  • OK
  • Save
  • Close
  • Close

**Please note! This does not change the function of the key, only the label.

Can I have a key reprogrammed so it performs a different function?

Yes. You must submit your request using the Telephone Help Form.

How do I program a speed call on my phone?

Press: The blue-grey button with the picture of a phone on it.

  • Settings
  • Programmable Keys
  • The key you want to program
  • Speed Call
  • Edit Label (enter the label)
  • Save
  • Edit Number (enter the number**remember a 9 for outside lines) Save
  • Save
  • Close
  • Close

**Please note! Adding a key does not mean the feature will be active on your phone. Many features will require additional programming by Paul Bunyan Communications.

Can I adjust the ringer on my phone?

Yes. You can adjust the volume by pressing the up and down arrow keys while the phone is ringing. You can also adjust the pitch and volume by pressing:

  • Superkey
  • No, No, No, No, No, No,
  • Ring Adjust
  • Ringer Pitch (use up and down arrows) Next
  • Ringer Vol (use up and own arrows) Next
  • Cancel
  • Cancel

Why are all of my calls going to voicemail when I am not on the phone?

Make sure you do not have "DND - Do Not Disturb" activated.  The light next to it will be on if it is active.

Why is my message waiting light flashing when I have no voicemails?

Someone may have pressed "Call Me Back" or "Leave A Message" while they were trying to call you.  To clear the light, go into your message center and delete the message.  Press the clear flying envelope button while your phone is on-hook (hung up).

Why do I hear ringing when I try to answer someone else’s line?

Either you are pressing the key before you pick up the handset or the key is programmed as a speed call only. The key must be a DSS key. If you need to be able to answer someone else’s line, THEY must request that using the Telephone Help Form.

Will I be charged for programming requests?

Occasional and reasonable programming requests will not incur a charge. However, excessive, repeated and unnecessary programming costs may be charged back to the department.

Can I move my phone?

Yes, you can. HOWEVER, due to 911 reporting requirements, you MUST report the location change on the Telephone Help Form. If you do not report the change, emergency responders will report to the wrong location in the event of an emergency. If you are moving offices, remember to also update your Human Resource records.

How do I activate a new VoIP line?

Email  Include your name, department, building and room number of where the phone will be located, and the cost center that will pay for the charges.

You will be contacted with an install date.

How do I order a Mitel cordless handset or headset or a conference unit?

Complete a PO using the info below:

  • Vendor #: 0000205556-001
  • Line Item 1:
    • Mitel cordless handset $222.60
    • Mitel cordless headset $299.39
    • Mitel UC360 conference unit $633.82
  • Line Item 2: Installation $37.50
    • **Include the phone number and location of the phone they are for.
    • **Include a contact person’s name and phone number.
  • Cost Center Details: Use object code 3002 for the accessory, 2090 for installation.
  • Memo: "Verbal quote per Lorie at PBC.  Please email PO to Lorie"

How do I hook up my phone?

Mitel VoIP phones plug directly into a network jack. They must be plugged in first. They cannot be plugged into a switch or hub. Your computer or switch plug into the back of the phone in the port with “PC” next to it. If you cannot get your phone to work, contact the Help Desk at 755-3777.

Who do I call if my network jack is broken?

Contact the Helpdesk at 755-3777.

How much does a phone line cost?

Approximate price for VOIP line: $8.70/month

Approximate price for analog line: $9.50/month