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VoIP-Voice over Internet Protocol

BSU and NTC have installed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones on the majority of lines on both campuses.  If you are experiencing problems with your VoIP phone, or if you have any telephone needs, please refer to the Help form on the menu. 

Elements of our MITEL IP Phones:

Click here to download VoIP Phone Information

Making and answering calls

You can make a call using one of the following methods:

  • Press the programmed key associated with the party you want to call
  • Dial the number using the dial pad
    • On campus just dial the 4 digit extension
    • Off campus local numbers dial 9 and then the number
    • Long distance numbers dial 8, then the number including 1 and the area code. When prompted, enter your long distance code ___________________

Phone Book

To use Phone book:

  1. Press the button by the word Phone Book on the display (very top button)
  2. Enter the last name of the desired party, as follows:
    1. For each letter in the name, press the appropriate key on the keypad until the letter is shown in the display. For example, if the letter C is required, press the digit 2 three times.
    2. Use the <— softkey to correct errors.
    3. If the next letter in the name is on the same digit key as the previous letter, press the —> softkey before proceeding.
    4. If required, press —> softkey to add a space between the first and last name.
  3. Press the Lookup softkey.
  4. If no matches exist, edit the original entry.
  5. If more than one match is found, press the Next softkey.
  6. To make a call, press the Call softkey.

Answer a call

Do one of the following:

  • If your phone is ringing pick up the handset.
  • Press the speaker phone button  (SPEAKER)

End a call

Do one of the following:

  • Press Hang Up or Cancel button
  • Replace the handset.
  • If you are in Hands free mode, press  (SPEAKER)


To redial the last number that you manually dialed:

  1. Lift the handset
  2. Press  (REDIAL).

Call Handling


To place a call on Hold:

  • Press  (HOLD)
  • The indicator flashes on the line that has the held call.

To retrieve a call from Hold, do one of the following:

  • Lift the handset and press the flashing line.
  • Press the flashing indicator


To Transfer an active call:

  1. Press  (TRANS/CONF).
  2. Dial the number of the third part.
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. To complete the Transfer, hang up.
    2. To announce the Transfer, wait for an answer, consult, and hang up.
    3. To cancel the Transfer, press  (CANCEL).


To form a Conference when a two-party call is already in place, or to add another party to an existing conference:

  1. Press  (TRANS/CONF).
  2. Dial the number of the next party.
  3. Wait for an answer.
  4. Press  (TRANS/CONF).

Leave a conference:

  • Hang up or press  (CANCEL).

Conference Split

To split a Conference and speak privately with the original party:

  • Press the Split softkey

Checking your voice mail ON CAMPUS

To check your voicemail from on campus do the following:

  1. Press the key labeled Voicemail.
  2. Follow the prompts

NOTE: Sometimes when your voicemail is flashing yet you have no voicemail messages to listen to it could be that you have a Call Me Back or Leave a Message flag on your phone. Please review the section below for more information.

Checking your voice mail OFF CAMPUS

To check your voicemail from off campus, call 755-2111.  When prompted, enter your 4 digit extension.  When you hear your message begin to play, press*.  When prompted, enter your passcode.

Call Me Back or Leave a Message

To clear a message waiting condition on your phone (other than voice mail):

  1. Press  (MESSAGE) softkey button on the display.
  2. Press Call Me Back or Leave a Message.
  3. Read or erase the message.


Forgotten voice mail password reset

If you have forgotten your voice mail password or moved offices and acquired another person’s line and need to have the password reset please do the following:

  1. Go to Information Technology Services website at
  2. Click on Faculty & Staff Services on the left side of the screen
  3. Under Telephone Services click on Help – Changes/Problems
  4. You will be prompted to log in with your MyBSU login information
  5. Under Changes on the right side of the screen click the first option is “I need my voice mail password reset
  6. It will then bring up a Help Request and will auto fill your name and email address.  Enter in your extension and click Submit Request.   Your password will be reset to 1111.


Press the message key (envelope) and then either dial the target user’s extension or pressing a DSS / BLF key of the target user.


My message light is flashing but I don’t have any messages:

There is probably a call me back message on your phone that needs to be cleared. View Call Me Back in this document and it will explain how to view/delete call back messages.

I am pressing the  (MESSAGE) indicator light to try and check my messages but nothing happens:

If the  (MESSAGE) button does not take you to the message center; you have click on the button labeled Voice Mail to access your voicemail.

I don’t have voice mail as an option on my keys:

You are probably not on page 1. If you look at the bottom of the display you should see ****1**** to indicate you are on page one.  Simply press either the left or right arrow buttons directly below the display to access another screen.

How do I get a long distance code?

First ask your supervisor as your department may all use the same code for long distance.  If you need to get your own code email .

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