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Renewing Borrowed Items in the BSU Library Catalog

By using the BSU Library Catalog a borrower can request the renewal of BSU library items which he or she has borrowed. Requesting the renewal of items borrowed through Interlibrary Loan can also be performed via the BSU Library Catalog, but the process and conditions are slightly different than renewing BSU items.

Renewing BSU-owned items

Most items owned by and checked out from the BSU Library can be renewed at least once. Online renewal helps to avoid the replacement fee and processing costs that accumulate when a borrowed item becomes overdue.  Note that several types of items cannot be renewed: non-circulating items checked out on a special basis by faculty, items placed on course reserves by instructors (ore requested for course reserve), and items requested for use (i.e. place on hold) by another borrower.

Seven Steps to Online Renewal Success

  1. Go to the BSU Library Catalog on the Library home page.
  2. Select Your Borrowing Record from the blue bar at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your barcode number (14 digits, underneath the barcode on your BSU I.D. card, beginning “20105”) and your library password (your last name, unless you’ve changed it) in the blanks provided.  Then, click Log On.
  4. Click on number link next to the Loans item, the first item under Activities. You will now see a list of BSU-owned items which are checked out to your borrowing account.
  5. Click on the number to the left of the item which you wish to renew.
  6. Click on the Renew link to request a renewal.
  7. If MnPALS accepts the renewal request, it will respond by redisplaying the list of
    items with the renewed item moved to the bottom of the list. It will also display the
    new due date and time.
When you are done using Your Borrowing Record, be sure to log out by clicking on the Exit link in the upper right corner page. Then, click Go on the exit screen to complete the log out process.

Should you attempt a renewal when one is not yet possible, MnPALS will display an appropriate message near the top of the page. If an item is not available for renewal, no Renew link should appear. Instead, a message will indicate why a renewal is not possible.

Renewing Interlibrary Loan Items

Because Interlibrary loan items are provided to our users by other libraries, the terms of renewal are a bit different than those for renewing items owned by BSU. A maximum of ONE RENEWAL ONLY per item may be possible, if requested BEFORE the item is overdue. Be advised, however, that requesting a renewal does not mean that your item will automatically be renewed. The library lending the item reserves the right to grant or deny renewals.

To request the renewal of an Interlibrary loan item, go to the BSU Library Catalog and
log in to Your Borrowing Record. Click on the number next to ILL Active Requests and choose the item
you would like to renew by clicking on the number at the left. Then, click on the Renew
button at the bottom of the screen. Check back in a few days on the status of your renewal
request. Look in Your Borrowing Record to see if the item has been granted a new due