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Electronic Delivery of Articles

The BSU Interlibrary Loan Department can deliver articles directly to you electronically via two methods: MEDD delivery courtesy of MINITEX, and BSU Library's own electronic delivery service. Correct e-mail addresses are essential to this service, so please verify your e-mail address as you complete your request form. Also, if you have a junk mail filter for your e-mail account, please examine the values currently set to determine whether incoming mail will be deliverable to you. You must allow mail from these two e-mail senders: and The article itself will not be delivered via e-mail (it will be accessed via a website to which you will be directed), but the e-mail notification with directions for accessing, as well as your PIN number, will be e-mailed to you. It is important that this mail is deliverable to you, as it is the key to your access.

Retrieving Material from the Internet

MEDD Delivery

When an item is delivered via MINITEX's MEDD service, you will receive an e-mail from, with the subject line "'Your Interlibrary Loan Material" and the following message:

Your requested material [#0000000] is available for pickup at: Login with the following information: E-mail = (your e-mail address), PIN = (a number that will be given in this message). Your material will be available on the website for 5 viewings or 7 days after email notification, whichever comes first.

You will need Adobe Acrobat (version 4.0 or newer) installed on your computer, in order to access your documents. There is a link at the pickup site,, for downloading and installing the free Adobe Acrobat reader, should you need it. Once you have Acrobat installed, enter your e-mail address and PIN number in the boxes provided and click on "Log In." You will then be given a list of items available for you to view/print/save, as well as help for various versions of Adobe Acrobat, should you have difficulty in displaying your document. To retrieve your document, click on the VIEW button in the Document column (the VIEW button will include an identifying number for your request), and your document will be displayed in PDF format. Each document will first display a copyright warning statement, then a copy of your request for the item, and finally the material itself. Again, as in the e-mail message, you are forewarned that the system will remove your document after it has either been viewed five times or 7 days have passed since you were notified, whichever comes first, so either view, print, or save accordingly to retain your material.

BSU Library Electronic Delivery

When an item is delivered to you courtesy of BSU Library's electronic delivery service, you will receive an e-mail from "BSU Interlibrary Loan" ( with the subject line "BSU Interlibrary Loan has sent you a file," and the following message:

BSU Interlibrary Loan has forwarded the following link so you can download a file. To download the file either click on the link below, or copy and paste the link into your browser.

File Name: [name of file]

Click here to download: [hyperlink]

Please download this file before [date]. File links expire after 14 days or 5 download attempts.

The e-mail you receive includes a direct link to your article; no PIN is required. Click on the link provided in the e-mail message and you will be transferred to a web page listing files available for download. Click on "Download," and your article will open in Adobe Acrobat. If your article does not open, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat (version 4.0 or newer) on your computer to access your document. Use the following link to download the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat

If you receive an incomplete or incorrect article, or have any problems with receipt of an article, please contact the BSU Interlibrary Loan office at 218-755-2968 or