Find Jobs

Finding a Job:


You must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits during the academic year.  If you drop below 6 credits, your employment will be terminated.

Once you have secured a job:

  • If you will be on regular payroll – your supervisor will have an authorization form. Have your supervisor complete the bottom portion of the form and have it sent to the Payroll Office, Deputy Hall 202, Box 5.
  • If you are awarded work study, you will need to accept your award in e-Services.  Print the Work Study Authorization Contract and take the form with you when applying for a work study position.  Your work study earnings will be processed bi-weekly on the student payroll system. You can sign up for direct deposit in e-Services. Earnings will not be credited to your student bill unlike other aid programs.

**If you have never worked on campus before**

  • You will need to complete an employment packet (contains I-9 and W-4) at the student employment office before you begin working.  Documents needed for identification include one of the following:
    • Passport
    • Driver’s License/Picture ID and original Social Security Card
    • Driver’s License/Picture ID and original or certified birth certificate