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Photo Credit: BSU Photography Services

The American Indian Resource Center (AIRC) and the Council of Indian Students (CIS) sponsored a performance and workshops by Larry Yazzie on Thursday, February 9. Yazzie, an international lecturer, educator, performer, and world champion fancy dancer, was raised on the Meskwaki Indian Settlement in central Iowa and began dancing at the age of seven. Throughout his childhood, Yazzie was instructed on the traditions of the Meskwaki people, including the flamboyant and energetic fancy dance and the Northern Plains style of singing. As a dancer and singer, Yazzie has performed throughout North America as well as South America and Europe. His current solo show, “Native Pride Dancer,” balances entertainment with education and features the high-energy Fancy Dance. Yazzie strives to educate and entertain audiences of all ages throughout the world on the beauty, skill, and majesty of American Indian music and dance.