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Academic Technology Center

Academic Technology Center

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SMART Board Resources

We currently only have license activation codes for SMART Notebook 11. If you install Notebook 2014 or above, it will be a 90 day license only.


Installing SMART Board drivers and software:

To install SMART board software on a Windows 7 computer for BSU Faculty and Staff

An installation package for the SMART board software has been set up for all faculty, staff and grad assistant computers, using Microsoft System Center.

To install the software, click on the Windows Start menu, then go to All Programs -> Microsoft System Center 2012 -> Configuration Manager -> Software Center.  When the Software Center opens up, click on the Available Software tab at the top of the window.  Smart Board Software 2013 – silent is listed there.  Check the box next to that item, and  click the Install button at the bottom right corner to install the SMART board drivers and SMART Notebook.  The license key for SMART Notebook is installed along with the software.  If Microsoft System Center is installing Windows updates, it will finish updating before installing the SMART board software.

To install SMART board software on a Macintosh computer or on Windows 7 for Students

MacOS users and students can also install the software, but they will have to download the software directly from SMART. If it asks for an activation key, please contact the ATC at to request one.  Activation keys are free to distribute to students, staff or faculty at BSU.

To install, download the SMART Notebook software for Windows or for Mac OS, and follow the prompts.  The SMART Notebook download includes the SMART Product Drivers.


Online training resources:

SMART Technologies has several introductory videos on using the SMART board products available to help you get started.  The videos are large, so you may want to let them buffer for a few minutes to help ensure smooth playback.

There are additional free training resources available on their website.

The SMART Exchange is an online community with shared resources.

How to use the ELMO with SMART Notebook 11.