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Mac OS X - Connect to a Projector

This guide will show you how to do several different configurations of multiple displays using Mac OS 10.5.


If you have any questions please call us at:

Technical Support: 3777 or Email:

ATC: 2759 (for projector questions)


1) Plug in external display.

            -Can be plugged in while computer is on or off.

2) Go to your system preferences icon on the dock

            -If icon is not there go to the apple in the top right and select system preferences.


3)  Select Displays



4) Under the Display tab select “Detect Displays.”



5) Display modes:

            If you want to have a cloned desktop go to 5A. (Same view on both screens)

            If you want to have an extended desktop go to 5B. (Utilize both monitors separately)


5A) Go to the arrangement tab and select mirror displays.

5B) Go to the arrangement tab and unselect Mirror Displays. Within the white area there will be representations of your two monitors. Drag them to the physical arrangement of your monitors.