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Academic Technology Center

Academic Technology Center

Deputy Hall 151
 Office:(218) 755-2759
Summer Office Hours:
7:30am – 4:00pm
Regular Office Hours:
8:00am – 4:30pm

Interactive Television / Video Conferencing

What does an ITV room do?

The ITV rooms at BSU can connect to other ITV rooms anywhere in the world for meetings or classes.

Desktop video users can be included in a video conference via Skype or Cisco Jabber. 

Meetings and classes held in ITV rooms can be recorded or streamed live.  A waiver must be signed for recording.  The recording will be made available to view online.


Why use an ITV room?

There are two high quality cameras in each ITV room, one with a view of the instructor and one with a view of the classroom.  The cameras can be zoomed or turned for the best view of the participants.  There are ceiling microphones in each room, for good audio pickup of all participants.  Sources such as laptop presentations and document camera images can be sent over an ITV connection.

ITV bandwidth is protected, which means that the signal will not be degraded by excessive amounts of Internet traffic.


Who can use it and when?

BSU is part of the Northwest Education Technology System (NETS), which supports video conferencing technology for member colleges.

BSU faculty, staff and students can schedule ITV meetings or classes.  Contact the Academic Technology Center at x2759 or to schedule a meeting.  We will determine if a room is available, schedule the meeting, and provide technical support for the connection.  We will need to know if the remote site is an ITV room or a Skype or Jabber connection, and have a technical contact for that site.  There is no charge to use an ITV room for BSU academic purposes.

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