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Employees’ Roles and Responsibilities

For emergencies:

  • Report any serious injuries, verbally if necessary, to the Human Resources Office, as soon as possible but, DO NOT DELAY SEEKING EMERGENCY MEDICAL ATTENTION IN ORDER TO REPORT AN INJURY OR COMPLETE FORMS

For all other work injuries or illnesses:

  • Report the injury or illness to your supervisor as soon as possible. If your supervisor is not available, contact the Human Resources Office at 755-3966.
  • Assist your supervisor in the prompt and accurate completion of reporting forms required for the Workers’ Compensation program.

For non-emergent conditions that require medical attention:

  • Get initial evaluation and treatment at BSU’s designated clinic, Sanford Clinic Bemidji
  • Inform your supervisor of any condition or treatments or special requirements that will impact you work, such as days away from work and restrictions or limits on physical activity.
  • Provide your supervisor with “doctors slips”, workability reports, or other written medical orders that document conditions or treatments that affect your work schedule or duties.

Contact Environmental Health and Safety or Human Resources if you have any questions about a work injury or illness or the workers’ compensation program.