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Staff Opportunities BSU/NTC

More than 600 talented faculty, staff, and over 800 student employees with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds, support university and technical college operations every day. The faculty, instructors, and staff at Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College enjoy excellent benefits, a team environment, and challenging careers. As an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution, we are committed to supporting the continued growth of our diverse community.

How to apply

Temporary or Emergency Positions: 

Check Current Temporary or Emergency Postings and follow instructions for application.
Human Resources Office, Deputy Hall 350, Third Floor, Bemidji State University Campus.

All Other  Classified Staff positions:

Refer to the individual position posting details regarding the position. Apply online at the Minnesota Management and Budget web site:

How to apply if you are a current BSU or NTC employee

Classified positions are posted for internal bidding on campus.

(AFSCME) To be eligible to bid, an employee must have the same class designation as the vacancy and must currently have either a different shift, or a different work area, or a different employment condition. Please complete the Bid/Interest for Vacant Position form and return to Human Resources/Affirmative Action.

(MAPE) Permanent non-probationary classified employees in the seniority unit in the same classification/class option may interest bid on the filling of such vacancy by submitting a written bid.

Some positions at Bemidji State University or Northwest Technical College may require you to apply online at the Minnesota Management and Budget web site:



Temporary/Emergency Positions: