BSU desktop calendar images

Thanks to our friends at the Office of Communication and Marketing, ITS is proud to offer custom calendar desktop images for your computer.

Instructions are below the gallery.

Spring semester, 2016-2017:  (1920 x 1080 — for newer widescreen monitors and laptops).

 how to download and set an image as your desktop.

  1. Click the image you wish to download.  It will open in it’s own window.
  2. Right-click (Win) or Control+click (Mac) on the image and select, “Save image as” or “Download image”… or something similar in other browsers. Remember where you saved it!
  3. WINDOWS: Open the location of the saved image.  Right-click on the image and select Set as desktop background.
  4. MAC:  Open System Preferences –> Desktop and Screen Saver, then browse to the location where you saved the image and select it.