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Adding a Cranium Cafe Group Card in WordPress


Follow these instructions to insert a Cranium Cafe Group Card into a BSU/NTC WordPress Page

  1. BSU faculty & staff: login to MyBSU; NTC faculty & staff: login to MyNTC.
  2. Once logged in, go to your website by hovering over the WordPress link in the top bar, and selecting your site from the drop-down list.
  3. From your site dashboard, hover over the Media link in the left hand navigation and click on Library.  Drag and drop the 3 images that you received from Academic Affairs onto the Media Library window to upload them.
  4. From your site dashboard, hover over the Pages link in the left hand navigation and click on Add New.
  5. Title your new page Live Support
  6. Copy the following 3 paragraphs and paste into your new page.

    Live Student Support, using software called Cranium Café, gives current students — as well as prospective students and parents —the ability to click one button and connect with a faculty or staff member in real-time and face to face from any location.

    If you are not in Bemidji or unable to come to campus because of work, family or other commitments, no problem. Schedule a virtual face-to-face session or participate in walk-in hours by clicking the “Knock on Door” button when you see a green light next to the name of the support team member’s name.

    Please “knock” on any of the doors on this page you see a green light next to our name. That indicates we are online and ready to meet with you in real-time. The software allows an in-office experience from any location with one-click. You can also schedule an appointment with us and select where you would like to meet.


  7. WebChatIcon_BSU_SmallIn your page editor, place your mouse at the beginning of the first paragraph and click the Add Media button.  Select the Support Bubble graphic, set the alignment to right, set the size to medium and click the Insert into post button.
  8. In the page editor, click to place your mouse after the last paragraph you pasted in Step 6.
  9. Click the Add Media button
  10. Click the Insert Post Element link in the left column of the Insert Element modal.
  11. Click on the CraniumCafe Groups post element.
  12. Enter the CraniumCafe Group ID# that you received from Academic Affairs.
  13. Click the Insert Element button in the bottom right corner of the modal.
    NOTE: A place holder card will be inserted and only be displayed in the WordPress back-end.  The real Cranium Cafe card will be rendered to the WordPress front-end.
  14. Click the Publish button to save the card to the page.
  15. Use the other images you received from Academic Affairs wherever appropriate to link to your new Live Support Page.