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Physical Plant

The Physical Plant distributes HVAC and electrical though out the campus along with providing the essential services of buildings and grounds maintenance, plumbing and electrical repairs and custodial services.


Travis Barnes, Director of Facilities
(218) 755-3988

Rosanne Erickson, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant
(218) 755-3988

Snow Removal Policy

Please click on the link above to view the snow removal policy.


Heating Plant
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Ricky Richter, Chief Power Plant Engineer

Wiring, Energy Management
Matthew Marsh, Electrical Lead

Buildings and Grounds
Carpentry, Locksmith, Painting, Snow Removal, Gardening, General Repairs, Doors and Windows,
Rich Moen, Building Maintenance Foreman

Building Services - Academic Buildings
Cleaning and Janitorial Services, Moving
Sandy Beck, Building Services Supervisor

Building Services - Residence Halls
Cleaning and Janitorial Services.
Paul Ekhoff, Building Services Supervisor
Energy Grants & Rebates, B3 & Sustainable Construction, Recycling
Anna Carlson, Assistant Director, Sustainability

Northwest Tech Building Services
Travis Barnes, Director of Facilities

See complete organizational chart

Access and Keys

Work Orders

Please submit all work orders to the MySchoolBuilding website shown below.


MySchoolBuilding "How-to"

Academic Buildings/Tunnels Map

Due to the construction, we have updated the academic building map to show walkways and tunnel routes.

2018 Capital Bonding Request

2018 HEAPR Requests