The purpose of the President’s Cabinet is to share with the President analytical data, information and perspectives pertaining to institutional policies, practices and strategic thinking.

The President’s Cabinet meets regularly. Meetings are open to the campus community.

For a list of upcoming meetings, please click here. To read the notes posted from a previous meeting, please click here.

Cabinet Members

 BSU_Hensrud Dr. Faith Hensrud
Dr. Michael Anderson
Provost & Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (Interim)
 karen_snorek Karen Snorek
Vice President for Finance & Administration
Dr. Jan Doebbert 
Vice President – Northwest Technical College (Interim)
 randall_westhoff Dr. Randall Westhoff
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (Interim)
 DrHiggins Dr. Bonnie Higgins
Dean – College of Business (Interim)
 troy_gilbertson Dr. Troy Gilbertson
Dean – College of Health Sciences and Human Ecology (Interim)
 colleen_green Dr. Colleen Greer
Dean – College of Arts & Sciences
 AIRC_BSU_Delgado_ww Dr. Vivian Delgado
Assistant Dean – College of Arts & Sciences (Interim)
Dr. Jesse Grant
Dean of Students (Interim)
 michelle_frenzel Michelle Frenzel
Executive Director of Enrollment Management (Interim)
 debra_peterson Dr. Debra Peterson
Assistant to the President for Affirmative Action & Accreditation (Interim)
 tracy_dill Tracy Dill
Director of Athletics
 scott_faust Scott Faust
Director of Communications and Marketing
 Patrias_Marla Marla Patrias
Executive Director of BSU Foundation & Alumni Relations
 bill_blackwell Bill Blackwell, Jr.
Director of the American Indian Resource Center
 lynn_johnson Lynn Johnson
Director of Extended Learning
 megan_zothman Megan Zothman
Chief Human Resources Officer
 jim_dillemuth Jim Dillemuth
Chief Information Officer
Faculty member, Bemidji State University (as designated by the Faculty Senate)
Paul Nelson
Faculty member, Northwest Technical College (as designated by the NTC faculty)
 kayley-schoonmaker Kayley Schoonmaker
2016-2017, Student Body President, Bemidji State University (as designated by the Student Senate)
 Josh-Lively Josh Lively
2016-2017, Student Body Vice President, Bemidji State University (as designated by the Student Senate)