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Campus Climate

Student Campus Climate Study

In order to better understand student experiences of university support, civility, respect, discrimination, and communication we engaged in a year-long study using focus groups and a survey instrument to collect information on these elements. During fall 2012 eight focus groups were conducted with 30 students from organizations across campus, and during spring 2013 a survey was distributed to 607 students at Bemidji State University. The report presents the findings from this research and provides some suggestions for change that will help to enhance the campus climate at Bemidji State University.

Executive Summary

Student Campus Climate Study Report


Campus Climate Study

As part of Bemidji State University’s strategic planning process, a committee was charged with developing, disseminating, and analyzing a campus climate survey of faculty, staff, and administrators. During spring 2013 a survey instrument was developed and shared with the University Planning Committee. The campus community was then informed that a survey would be forthcoming. This report contains general information on the survey instrument, a quantitative analysis of survey responses, and a synopsis of open-ended comments. Overall survey results indicate that BSU faculty, staff, and administrators find that the climate is positive. Challenges and concerns continue to exist, however, and are reflected in particular details of the quantitative report and in written comments from faculty, staff and administrators.

Campus Climate Study Report