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Draft as of 3/20/14.

Mission Statement:

We create an innovative, interdisciplinary and highly accessible learning environment committed to student success and a sustainable future of our communities, state and planet. Through the transformative power of the liberal arts, education in the professions, and robust engagement of our students, we instill and promote service to others, preservation of the earth, and respect and appreciation for the diverse peoples of our region and world.

Vision Statement:

We educate people to lead inspired lives.

Shared Fundamental Values:

  • Civic engagement and leadership
  • International and multicultural understanding
  • Belief in the power of the liberal arts
  • Environmental stewardship


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Jacqueline Carroll | February 21, 2014 at 8:56 am

Anonymous Comment submitted about the plan:rnrnIn the definition of a university comes the role of three functions: research, service and instruction. During my life in higher education I have pushed hard on all three and found we were rewarded richly in how the three roles supported each other. In looking through the plan, I see the focus primarily on instruction, as is the perspective of MnSCU. The research role appears a couple times, but it does not gain high status. My thoughts are, how would Bemidji States future look like if we generated $25-50,000,000 each year in extra mural funding? Knowing the indirect funding one acquires from such, just that brings in opportunities to pursue the next big thing! The service role is a bit more evident, but it too, could take on a significant push for excellence.rnrnExpanded student participation in research

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