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Strategy A:  Connect to our Communities

Bemidji State recognizes the value of making important connections to constituent groups in our region, state and nation, ensuring higher levels of student success.

Goals & Initiatives

1. Enhance and strengthen University outreach.


  • Develop, foster and enhance opportunities for University students, faculty, and staff to engage and connect with our constituents and the many communities we serve through service learning, internships, mentorships, community advocacy, field experiences, class projects, practicums, etc.

  • Explore additional opportunities for partnerships between the University and our local & regional community.

  • Communicate, educate and promote the power of sustainability and environmental awareness.

2. Explore new opportunities for community members to engage students, faculty, and staff to enrich scholarship, research, and creative activity on campus.


  • Engage external stakeholders through expansion of Alumni in the classroom, mentoring opportunities, expansion of SSCA Conference, new partnerships & collaborations.

  • Support the work underway to create the Bemidji State University Leadership Academy.

  • Assist in the development of new ideas to engage external stakeholders.

  • Provide opportunities for external community to comment on civic engagement activities and campus/community partnerships. 

3. Improve coordination and oversight of community engagement and service learning opportunities.


  • Establish a common understanding of civic engagement through enhanced communications on campus and with community partners.

  • Identify the responsible office/area that will provide the coordination and facilitation of community engagement activities. (e.g. Create an Office of Community Engagement )

  • Establish an advisory group composed of campus and community members to help develop and maintain strong community connections while also examining and making recommendations concerning the future of Bemidji State University as a residential, comprehensive, state university in an ever-changing higher education environment.

4. Assess and promote ongoing community and civic engagement activities.


  • Conduct annual assessment of outreach activities by University students, faculty, and staff.

  • Publicize findings of the annual assessment to demonstrate the socio-economic impact of service learning and other partnerships with the community.

  • Conduct external needs assessment to help inform and direct community engagement efforts and activities. 

  • Perform a comprehensive review every five years of community engagement activities conducted by students, faculty and staff.

  • Explore becoming a Carnegie Foundation Community-Engaged Campus.

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Patrick Donnay | January 16, 2014 at 3:04 pm

It is encouraged to see the emphasis on community connections. I hope it goes beyond a sports presence, though those are important too. As a former president of the Downtown Development Authority I know how large the town/ gown divide is -- and it need not be there at all.

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