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Office Supplies

Chancellor Rosenstone is encouraging MnSCU institutions to purchase office supplies from a system-wide OfficeMax contract in order to leverage savings. Please review his information about this contract at the following MnSCU link:

A p-card is required to place an order with OfficeMax, as well as a contract log-in. If you do not have a contract log-in, contact the OfficeMax rep assigned to BSU & NTC as indicated at the MnSCU website above:

In the very rare event that you cannot find a specific item available under the OfficeMax contract, you can try the State of Minnesota Innovative Office Solutions contract. If you do not have a log-in to order from Innovative Office Solutions, contact Procurement at 755-2044.

In addition, a limited variety of office supplies are stocked at the Central Receiving Stores Warehouse: Office Supplies Order Form 9-4-2014