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Course creation schedule
Curriculum Guidelines
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Course creation schedule

Please note the deadlines for the creation of the Spring, Summer and Fall Class Schedules.  Please contact the Records Office at 2020 if you have any questions regarding this information.


Spring 2015

Summer 2014

Fall 2014

Input and review of the class schedule


Aug 12th -  Oct 10th 2014 Oct 14th 2013 - Feb 4th 2014 Dec 30th 2013 -
February 28, 2014
Tentative Summer Schedule available on-line - LIVE   December 12th, 2013  
Final Schedule available on-line Oct 27th 2014   Mar 17th 2014
Begin Registration Nov 3rd 2014 March 3rd, 2014 Mar 24th 2014


Curriculum Guidelines

Information regarding semester schedule time patterns and rules, course numbering system, and all-university numbers available here.

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Access to Student Records

Information pertaining to state and federal laws governing access to student records can be found in the Buckley Amendment  or the  Student rights and data privacy policy.

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