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Graduation Planning

(Graduate Students click here for graduation planning information)

Undergraduate Students

Planning for graduation starts upon entry to BSU.  Each semester you register you are getting closer to meeting the requirements needed for graduation.  The DARS (Degree Audit Report) is a helpful tool in tracking your progress towards graduation.

Students should apply for graduation up to 2 semesters before they expect to graduate.  This allows time for the academic department and the Records and Registration Office to review your plans and determine if you will meet all of the graduation requirements.  By submitting your graduation plans early, you ensure that if an error or omission is found, you have time to make changes to your class schedule, potentially avoiding the need to move your graduation term.  

How to submit graduation plans


BSU holds one commencement ceremony each year at the conclusion of Spring semester.  Those students that graduated the prior fall semester and those expected to graduate after spring or summer semester are invited to attend the Spring Commencement ceremony.  For more information go to the Commencement website.