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Crime Prevention

National Crime Prevention Council

Personal Safety

Personal safety is a responsibility that we all share. The Department of Public Safety provides security services for all students, faculty, staff and visitors at Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College, but this does not mollify an individual's responsibility for their own safety and well being. It is extremely important for everyone to be aware of safety issues that may affect them, and to take personal safety into consideration when making daily decisions.

Following the links at the top for more information on crime prevention and personal safety tips.

Safety/Self Defense Programming

The Department of Public Safety has developed, in cooperation with the Bemidji Police Department, a personal safety/self defense program. The program is a combination of lecture and practical application. The programs are scheduled at various times during the academic year, and are open to all students, faculty and staff. Any group or individual may arrange for a special presentation of the program by contacting the Director of Public Safety at 755-3888.

Property Protection

Operation I.D. is a national program designed to deter theft by marking property with a unique property identification number which is entered into the National Crime Information Center (N.C.I.C.) computer. If a piece of stolen property, marked with an Operation I.D. number, is located anywhere within the United States, Law Enforcement officials can trace the property back to the rightful owner. Property that has been marked is also less likely to be stolen due to the difficulty associated with selling stolen property that has been marked with an Operation I.D. number. The Bemidji Police Department has issued the Department of Public Safety a block of Operation I.D. numbers that may be assigned to any campus community member, either individually or by division or by department. The department also has engraving equipment available for loan to program subscribers. Anyone interested in joining Operation I.D. should contact the Department of Public Safety, lower Walnut Hall, (218) 755-3888.

Escort Service

The Department of Public Safety offers, at no expense to the user, a limited campus escort service. Upon request, officers will be dispatched to your location and will provide an escort for you to any campus location, including parking lots and city streets that are directly adjacent to campus. This service is available anytime any day by calling, or stopping by, the Public Safety Office, lower Walnut Hall, (218) 755-3888.