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Disabled Parking Permits

Disabled parking is provided in specifically designated close-in areas.  Because lot maintenance need to be shared by all permit holders, the University requires that staff, faculty, and students with vehicles displaying a valid state issued disabled parking permit or license plate ARE ALSO required to display a University parking permit while parked in any University owned disabled parking stall.  If a student residing on campus wishes to use a disabled parking stall, they will have to purchase a residential permit corresponding with their residential hall.  For example, if you are residing in Birch hall or Linden hall, a red permit would be required to utilize the disabled parking stalls next to your residential hall.  In an effort to make movement around campus easier, a residential permit (when paired with a state issued disabled permit) will also be honored in commuter disabled parking stalls.  For non-residential students, faculty and staff, a commuter permit will need to be paired with a state issued disabled permit to utilize disabled parking stalls on campus.  

If the designated parking stalls are all full in the area you choose to park, you may park in any metered parking stall for a maximum of two (2) hours.  After two hours, you must either relocate your vehicle or pay the posted metered rate.  Visitors to campus DO NOT need a University parking permit while parked in a disabled stall, but still require a state issued disabled permit or license plate.  Disabled stalls are enforced year-round on a 24 hour basis.


A State of Minnesota temporary disability parking certificate may be obtained for individuals who are temporarily disabled.  The individual must complete the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's temporary disabled parking certificate application which will require a physician's signature. After completing the application submit it to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Instructions and further information can be found within the application.