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Enforcement and Penalties

Ticketing, Immobilization, Towing

The University reserves the right to cite immoblize, or tow vehicles parked on campus in violation of any rule established in the current Traffic and Parking Regulations pursuant to Minnesota Statute 169.041. The person who registers the vehicle and obtains the permit is responsible for the vehicle's operation on campus, and for all charges against the vehicle including ticketing, immobilization, and/or towing of the vehicle. The registered owner is ultimately responsible for all charges.

Parking violations are due upon issuance of the violation envelope. Failure to pay any citation within (10) calendar days will result in a $10.00 penalty. In addition failure to pay fines may result in actions including, but not limited to, issuance of warning letters, holding of transcripts, holding of financial aid, academic holds, state collections by a Revenue Recapture Agency, and/or registration lockout. Vehicles with three or more outstanding parking citations which are not in appeal status will be immobilized and assessed a $60.00 fee. If a vehicle has been towed or immobilized, it will be necessary for the operator of the vehicle to pay all outstanding parking violations and towing or immobilization fees before the vehicle will be released. The fee assessed by the towing company is at the discretion of that agency. Unauthorized removal of an autoboot will result in an additional $100.00 fine. Theft of an autoboot may result in criminal charges and replacement costs of $600.00.

Notices of outstanding violations may be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. This notification is not required prior to towing or immobilization of any vehicle with outstanding violations.


Chart E is an example of violations and the corresponding fine amount.

Violation Fine
No current permit $15.00
Failure to display current permit $15.00
Expired parking meter $15.00
Parking in unauthorized lot $15.00
Parking in a reserved stall $15.00
Parked outside of designated stall $15.00
Compact Vehicle Parking Only $15.00
Parked on yellow curb/line $25.00
Parked in no parking zone $25.00
Parked on sidewalk $25.00
Parked in fire lane $25.00
Blocking driveway $25.00
Parked in the roadway $25.00
Blocking another vehicle $25.00
Parked in designated snow removal area $25.00
No current permit in disabled stall $150.00

In addition to the above mentioned violations, vehicles parked on campus in violation of any State Statute outlined in section 169 of the Minnesota Traffic Code will be cited as indicated on the parking violation envelope.

Parking Violation Appeals

If you receive a violation you feel was issued in error, you have the right to appeal the violation to the Parking Advisory Board for review. The Parking Advisory Board is comprised of students, faculty and staff. An appeal should be based on the fact the violation notice was issued contrary to the "BSU/NTC Parking Rules and Regulations" or in error. An appeal is only valid if it's presented within ten (10) days of receipt of the violation(s) being appealed. You must pay in full the ticket(s) being appealed prior to the Parking Advisory Board's review. To submit an appeal, complete a Parking Violation Appeal Form, available at Department of Public Safety Office, located in Walnut Hall, Northwest Technical College, bussiness office, or by the link provided.  Completed forms must be mailed or dropped off at The Department of Public Safety Box #33, 1500 Birchmont Drive NE, Bemidji, MN  56601.

The Parking Advisory Board will serve as the appeal body for all citations issued and render a decision in each case.  All decisions by the Parking Advisory Board are final.