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Bemidji State University

A magazine for alumni and friends

A Track Record for Talent

The Spring-Summer 2014 edition Bemidji State University magazine highlights employers with a track record of hiring BSU graduates in large numbers relative to their total workforce. When you dig into that phenomenon, you discover that our talented students have earned a reputation as hard workers who are ready to contribute from day one. You also find alums who both appreciate the quality of BSU graduates and are eager to help current students begin their careers.


This month's story of alums Royal and Diane Orser recounts their lives of impressive achievement as educators in rural Nevada and their appreciation for the preparation they received at Bemidji State. Now they are paying it forward. This is no less true of alums Jack and Delphine Jacobsen, whose scholarship investment has enabled an older student like Thomas Jones to complete his education and help others through a career as a drug and alcohol counselor. A similar pattern is evident in the determination of graduates Tom Hill and Justin Kaney to establish the Bemidji Brewing Company and join with others in helping Bemidji thrive and grow.


This cycle of accomplishment and support is the engine of our continued success as a university. Our alums understand that BSU has given them a transformative educational experience. They are happy to share the benefits with current and future students while serving their communities.


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