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Financial Aid and Withdrawal

If I officially withdraw or stop attending all classes what happens to the financial aid money I received? Do I have to pay it back?

When a student withdraws or stops attending all classes, he or she may be eligible to receive a refund or credit of the charges assessed for tuition and fees. If financial aid has been paid to the student or applied to the student's university charges, all or a portion of the aid that was disbursed may be required to be repaid. If a repayment is required, the university will return funds to the grant, scholarship or loan source from which the funds were received and may result in the student owing money back to the university. For additional information, please see our Return of Federal Funds policy.

Receiving Financial Aid Funds

How do I get my financial aid money?

Financial aid funds received on behalf of students are applied first to tuition and fees, residence hall charges and other university charges. If the amount received is in excess of the amount needed to pay the account balance in full, a payment is made to the student for the overage.

BSU processes payments for financial aid and student payroll to students through direct deposit. Students are advised to sign up for direct deposit in e-services by selecting student employment and direct deposit set up . Students not enrolled in the direct deposit program will receive overage checks mailed to their permanent address on file. There may be a slight delay in receiving funds due to the additional handling processes required.

Receiving a Bill

When will I get my bill?

Students will not receive a bill in the mail. Students are responsible to be aware of payment due dates and to monitor their financial account balances on a regular basis. Student financial information is accessed at the same e-services web site used to register for classes.

Email notices are sent regularly to students with outstanding account balances as well as to those with recent financial transactions posted (i.e., financial aid processing, new charges, etc.). Email is the official means of communication to currently registered students. Each student is provided with a university email address (, which all university email is directed. Students have the ability to forward messages to a different email address if desired; however, they are responsible to open, read and respond to communications sent via email from university offices and departments.

University Payment Plan

Do I have to pay my university bill all at once or can I make payments?

Bemidji State University contracts with an outside party to provide the opportunity for an installment payment plan.  This vendor does charge a minimal cost to participate.  Additional information is located at

Financial Aid Suspension

I received a Financial Aid Termination Notice. What do I need to do?

A student who fails to meet the satisfactory academic progress standards and thus has financial aid terminated, may appeal to re-establish eligibility by completing a Petition for Reinstatement of Financial Aid. This form is available in the Financial Aid Office and on our website. The petition may be based on undue hardship, death of a relative, injury or illness; or extenuating circumstances as determined by the institution. Petitions must be supported with appropriate documentation and verification and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Withdrawing from Bemidji State University

What do I need to do to withdraw from the university?

Please see the official Withdrawal Policy and follow the steps. When withdrawing from Bemidji State University (BSU), you may want to consider the following to ensure that you leave in good standing:

  • If you live in a residence hall, contact the Office of Residential Life and cancel your contract.
  • If you are receiving financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office and tell them of your plans to withdraw.
  • Confirm with the Cashiers Office that there are no outstanding debts on your account (library fines, parking tickets, etc).
  • Return any University property that you have in your possession (e.g. library books).

Applying for Summer Financial Aid

I have already filled out the FAFSA for Fall Semester. Do I need to fill out a separate one for spring and summer?

Your FAFSA covers the whole academic year, which includes summer. If you are taking summer courses, there is a summer supplemental form available in March at the Financial Aid Office or on the Forms page of our website. Once completed, please submit the form to the Financial Aid Office.

Transferring Financial Aid

I am currently attending another university for fall semester and will be attending BSU for spring semester. I was wondering if my financial aid will just transfer with me, or do I have to re-apply for financial aid?

You will need to contact your school's Financial Aid Office and cancel your financial aid with them. Then you will need to go online to; click on Add or delete a school code under section 3; add BSU's school code 002336; and submit. We also require the BSU Financial Aid Application to be completed annually. The form can be found on our webpage. Once we receive all of the required information, your financial aid eligibility will be determined and you will receive an email message concerning the eligibility.  Your aid does not transfer with you from one school to the next.

Viewing My Financial Aid Awards

Where can I view or get a copy of my Award Notice?

You can view your Financial Aid Award Notice and print a copy anytime by logging in to your e-services account.

Daycare Assistance

I have children in daycare? Is there any assistance to help with these costs?

Yes. Bemidji State University offers the Minnesota Post-Secondary Child Care Grant. Student's must first apply for financial aid using the FAFSA and then must complete and submit the MN Post-Secondary Child Care Grant application available on the Financial Aid website.

Bemidji State University's school code

What is Bemidji State University's federal school code? I need this code to complete my FAFSA.

Bemidji State's Federal school code is 002336.

Dependency Status

My parents don't claim me on their taxes. Doesn't this make me an "independent" student?

No. Whether or not your parents claim you on their taxes has no bearing on your dependency status for financial aid. In order to be considered independent you must meet one of the following criteria: at least 24 years of age, married, have a dependent child, are a veteran, an orphan, ward of the court, or pursuing a graduate degree.

Financial Aid Status

What is the status of my financial aid?

Admitted students with a Bemidji State Student ID and PIN/password can access the status of their application and awards along with other information online via their e-services account. Make sure to select the correct semester and year.

I am receiving a scholarship that isn't listed on my award notice. Do you need to know this?

Yes. You should notify the Financial Aid Office of any outside financial aid you are receiving. Bemidji State University is required to take these resources into account when awarding other financial aid.

Applying for Financial Aid

How do I apply for financial aid?

Student's must complete the FAFSA and BSU Financial Aid Application each year in order to receive financial aid. The FAFSA can be completed after January 1 and as soon as you have completed your federal tax return. The BSU Financial Aid Application can be downloaded from the financial aid webpage. Once the Financial Aid Office has received both the FAFSA and BSU Financial Aid Application, correspondence will be sent to the student's university email account requesting additional information if necessary. If your application is complete at the time of processing, you will be sent an email to your BSU student email account with instructions on how to view your awards and award letter online through your e-services account.

Can I charge my books?

Yes. All students who are registered for at least one BSU class may charge their books at the on-campus bookstore located in the lower level of the Hobson Memorial Student Union. Book charging at the on-campus bookstore typically is allowed each semester for approximately a month long time period ending about the middle of the first week of classes. The cost of the books charged at the on-campus bookstore will be added to your BSU student account and must be paid either by Financial Aid funds or personal resources according to normal Business Services Office payment deadlines.

How can I avoid my classes getting dropped for non-payment?

Tuition and fees should be paid in full 15 days prior to the first day of classes or your classes will be dropped for nonpayment. However, you will not be dropped for non-payment if any one of the following criteria is met:

  1. Your payment will be deferred if the Financial Aid Office has received the results of your FAFSA.

  2. You have made a minimum down payment to tuition and fees of 15% or $300, whichever is less and have an active payment plan contract.

  3. You have a scholarship, waiver or third party award on file that meets the minimum down payment rule.

  4. You are enrolled in the PSEO program.

You can make a payment online or call 755-2045 between 9:00-3:00. For more information please contact
Emily Guest at 218-755-2046.



  • 2015-2016 Priority Application Date: The 2015-2016 Financial Aid process must be completed by March 31, 2015 to be considered for Federal SEOG Grant, Perkins Loan, and Work Study.
  • Federal Pell Grant recipients must finalize all registration within the first 30 days of the semester. A student  who withdraws from a course within the first 30 days of the semester will have their Pell award reduced to the adjusted level of enrollment.
  • A completed FAFSA must be received by the Federal Aid Processing Center within the first 30 days of the semester to be eligible for a Minnesota State Grant.