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There are a variety of types of aid you can apply for at BSU. First, you should make sure you have submitted your FAFSA paperwork, then follow the links below for more information on what may be available. In addition to the content of this site, we highly suggest reading Focus on Financial Aid, a publication of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. This contains a good introduction to paying for college.

FAFSA / BSU Application

Everything begins with these applications. Learn about FAFSA and the typical financial aid process before you do anything else.



You will be automatically evaluated for eligibility to receive several grants.


BSU offers nearly $1.2 million in various scholarships every year. In addition, there are hundreds to choose from nationally using this Scholarship Search.


BSU can help you obtain various kinds of employment, including work-study or regular payroll jobs.


After finding out what other financial aid has been awarded, you may consider borrowing money to pay for your education. Begin here to learn more about your loan options.