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BSU employs over 1,500 students over the course of the 9-month school year. Our student payroll totals over $2 million annually with about $720,000 falling under the need based Federal Work-Study Program. You can apply for Work-Study on the BSU Financial Aid Application. Eligible students will receive instructions with their award letter.

Federal Work Study awards

Graduate and professional school students are awarded work-study upon request if they have need-based eligibility and will be enrolled at least half time. A work-study award does not guarantee employment. For more details, click here.

Finding a job

You will find that working on campus is not only rewarding but convenient as well. By working several  hours a day during the 9-month school year, you will be able to keep your student loans to a minimum. The trade-off is generally $1 of work for $1 of loan. For some, that can mean up to $7,200 less loan over four years of college. To learn more, click here.

To secure a job on campus, you will need to:

  1. Arrange your class schedule so you have time to work.
  2. Contact the Student Employee Supervisor in the area you wish to work. This may be in your major, an area of interest or an area where you have special skills. Every department and office on campus has a Student Employee Supervisor.
  3. Check the Student Employment Website periodically for vacancies. If you don't find one immediately, keep trying. Jobs often fill in the fall but will open up again as students make changes. In fact, some of the best jobs on campus open up at mid-year when students leave to student teach, take extra credits, begin internships or graduate.