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Student Code Of Conduct 

Section I: Preamble

Bemidji State University standards of conduct are published here as the Code of Conduct. This Code does not replace or reduce the requirements of civil or criminal laws. Members of the University community also have responsibilities as citizens. The campus is not a sanctuary from the general law. University community members violating civil or criminal law may be subject to University Conduct procedures for the same conduct when the conduct occurs on campus or when it occurs off campus but is directly related to the University community. The University may initiate Student Conduct action at its discretion. The University has obligations to all members of its community to conduct its affairs effectively and efficiently. Therefore, in prescribing a Student Conduct System, it is essential that the rights and responsibilities of the individual be considered concurrently with the rights and responsibilities of the institution and other members of the University community. Thus, the University bases its Code of Conduct and Student Conduct System on the following principles: 

  1. As citizens, University community members have the right to organize their personal life and behavior so long as they do not violate the law or University regulations and do not interfere with the rights of others or with the educational process. 
  2. University community members also have the responsibility to identify themselves as such, as well as an obligation not to act or speak on behalf of the University without authorization, the right to redress for negligence, irresponsibility, or plagiarism by another member of the University community; and the right to be heard and considered at appropriate levels of the decision-making process about basic policy matters of student concern. 
  3. Persons who have a continuing association with the University are obligated to maintain an environment conducive to the furthering of the educational mission. The MnSCU Board and the BSU Administration have the particular responsibility to protect the institution and to prevent the exploitation of the University by any individual or group. 
  4. The institution also has the right and responsibility to protect the members of and visitors to the University community from physical harm, its property from damage or unauthorized use, and its processes from interference. Therefore, the institution has a right and responsibility to set reasonable standards of conduct. 
  5. Students who violate state laws or University or System regulations, who infringe upon the rights of others, or who practice academic dishonesty such as cheating or plagiarism, shall, after due process, be subject to University sanctions which may include warning, probation, suspension, eviction, and expulsion. Violations of other than University regulations are also subject to sanctions external to the University. Notwithstanding any provision herein, the University may suspend, expel, or evict any student whose presence poses a threat to persons or property (MnSCU Board Policy 3.6, Part 2).

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