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Academic Policies

General Policies on Grading

  1. Grades are to be determined solely on the basis of the academic performance of each student according to preestablished criteria determined by the course instructor and consistent with university, college, and departmental policies.
  2. The criteria for evaluating academic performance are to be consistent with a course's goals and objectives which have been approved by the appropriate academic authority before the course is scheduled. Before the end of the first full week of classes, the instructor is to state to the students, the criteria for evaluating as well as the methods for grading student performance (examinations, papers, reports, etc.).
  3. The instructor in each course shall decide what criteria and methods for evaluating students are to be applied in the specific course. These decisions of the instructor, however, must be compatible with any evaluation policies previously accepted by the faculty of a department or college with respect to particular courses, especially those courses offered in sequence where students are allowed to progress through the sequence based upon their level of performance in the previous course.
  4. The methods of conducting a course are determined by the instructor within the limitations set by the general classification of a course as lecture-discussion, seminar, laboratory, etc. An instructor may vary the teaching methodology to meet particular circumstances of a course (type or number of students enrolled, concentrated calendar as in summer session, etc.) or the instructor's own desire to innovate or experiment with different approaches. Any method selected must be compatible with the predetermined goals and objectives of the course. While teaching methodology may be changed after a course has begun, grading methodology should be changed only after consultation, in advance, with the students in the course.
  5. The actual evaluation and grading of academic performance is subject to the professional judgment of each instructor. Considerable personal discretion is required in these judgments: a justifiable margin of difference can exist between the evaluations made by two or more professional persons of the same academic performance.
  6. Students are entitled to compare their work in a course with the criteria applied in deciding the final grade for the course. Accordingly, the course instructor is required to make available for return to students major papers and projects upon their request until the end of the following semester. Examinations are to be available for students to see until the end of the following semester. For pedagogic reasons, an instructor is expected to review with the student the relative success of the student's accomplishments. The instructor is not expected to debate the grading.

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