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Academic Integrity Policies

Academic Integrity Policy Statement 

Our university serves many different functions, but it can only function right if we all perform our parts honestly and communicate truthfully - administrators, faculty, staff, and students alike. Many kinds of decisions are affected by information that we provide. Faculty provide information about courses and programs, information that students use in deciding what courses to take. Students turn in tests and assignments that affect their instructors' grading decisions - and in turning them in, students implicitly state that these are products of their own academic work, honestly performed. Grades are themselves information, information that in turn affects decisions by potential employers and others, on whether to enter into various kinds of relationships with our graduates. The university's personnel decisions depend on information provided by the employees in question and their colleagues. And many decisions depend on the findings of university research. 

All of those who make and/or are affected by these decisions legitimately need and expect the best and truest information we can give. You have a right to such truthfulness, and others have just as much right. Our obligations here are not diminished when others fall short of theirs, either. 

The value of BSU degrees, and of all we do here, depends on our pulling together to demand such honesty of ourselves and one another. We owe this to ourselves, to one another, to our families and communities, to all those who rely on the professional abilities of our graduates, and to all those whose very real sacrifices make this institution possible.

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