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Campus Policies

Administrative Texting Policy

This policy pertains to administrative university services messages and emergency messages for individual students originated from the MnSCU Integrated Student Record System ( ISRS ) Communication module by authorized university user of the module.  

It is the policy of Bemidji State University that administrative messages sent using text messaging from the university to university students shall only be done with the permission of the university student. Students must opt-in to the text messaging feature to allow the university to use their cellular phone numbers stored in the Integrated Student Record System. Texting may/will be used by the offices of Business Services, Financial Aid, Admissions, the Center for Extended Learning and Records when appropriate to communicate with students. Examples of appropriate use are: to send a notice to check student email accounts, to inform that the student needs to contact a University office or one of its members, to send an emergency message of a personal nature to individual students etc. It shall be the responsibility of each student to monitor the text messages received from the University.  

Approval Date: November 19, 2012