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Education Abroad

***For those interested in Education Abroad (previously known as Study Abroad), please accept our apologies as we are updating our program information. Thank you for your patience in this time of flux.

Germany - Magdeburg

Magdeburg University information for exchange students


In order to promote international understanding and to develop academic and cultural ties between the Fachhochschule Magdeburg and Bemidji State University, to cooperate for mutual benefit in the following program activities:

A. Exchange of students (undergraduate and graduate)

B. Exchange of faculty

C. Exchange of cultural, educational, and technical information and materials

D. Other mutually agreeable activities

Exchange of Students

1. Curriculum and eligibility requirement

  • Each institution will specify the language requirements for individual programs.

  • Exchange students are subject to the same regulations regarding matriculation, conduct, and academic performance for classes. Students are also subject to the same provisions of local, state, and federal laws of the country of the host institution.

  • Academic programs may be available for shortened and prolonged periods of time ranging from summer school to year long study, depending on the specific situations of each institution.

  • Students may, in consultation with the host institution, be eligible for on campus employment and internship experiences.

2. Tuition, registration, and other fees

  • Each student will be responsible for the payment of tuition and any associated fees to her/his home institution. In addition, the major department will advise their own students regarding transfer course equivalencies in advance of enrollment at the other institution.

  • Financial arrangements for board and room, books, travel and all other incidental fees and expenses shall be the responsibility of the student.

3. Housing

Students from both institutions may elect at the time of application to participate in a home stay program, if available, or to live in University housing, if available.

4. Health Care

Hospital and other medical expenses are the responsibility of the student(s). Each student is required to purchase the necessary insurance to cover medical contingencies in the host country in order to register at the host institution.

5. Academic Records

The records of Bemidji State University student’s academic performance will be certified by the individual instructors. The records of Fachhochschule Magdeburg student’s academic performance will be sent to the home institution by the designated university/college

Interested faculty members or students may contact the International Program Center, Deputy Hall 103. 218.755.4096.


Apply to become an exchange student in Germany.