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Education Abroad

***For those interested in Education Abroad (previously known as Study Abroad), please accept our apologies as we are updating our program information. Thank you for your patience in this time of flux.  


Bemidji State University (BSU) and the University of Iceland (UI) have established an exchange program to provide opportunities for faculty and students of both institutions.   

BSU faculty may apply to travel to UI to teach a four-week course in a selected discipline, subject to the approval of UI and the host academic program. English will be the language of instruction. BSU will be responsible for the salary of any participating faculty member.
UI will be responsible for arranging and providing housing for the faculty member in a university guest apartment.  All other expenses will be the responsibility of the
participating faculty member.

BSU students may apply to take any courses in English at UI for which they are qualified, for either one or two semesters, within the limits of UI’s annual English language course offerings and specific enrollment considerations.

Determination of the students’ qualifications for coursework will be made by their BSU academic department and by adhering to the UI course descriptions and listing of prerequisites. Students must enroll in the minimum number of credits at UI to equal at least half-time enrollment at BSU, providing this meets the enrollment requirements of UI.  UI will provide to BSU annually updated information on course offerings in English (university catalogs, schedules, etc.). Students applying will be selected by BSU and must meet UI’s admission requirements.  

BSU students studying in Iceland will pay BSU on-campus tuition and fees. UI will waive tuition and fees for BSU students. IF UI provides any funds or scholarships to BSU students, UI will inform Bemidji State University’s Financial Aid Office. UI also agrees to inform Bemidji State University’s International Program Center of any changes in a student’s program, or if a student withdraws from the program. Upon the student’s request, UI also agrees to supply BSU’s Records Office with a transcript noting the student’s performance, upon completion of the coursework. BSU credit for courses completed at UI will be determined, prior to enrollment, by the appropriate BSU academic departments, dependent upon the grades earned by the students. The equivalent of a ‘C’ grade or better is required for credit to be transferred. 

The International Office at UI will assist BSU students in adjusting to study in Iceland, and in finding suitable housing. UI will provide BSU annually updated information on students’ housing and living costs for budgetary considerations. Students will be financially responsible for their housing costs, as well as for all other living expenses. Administration of financial aid will be through the BSU Financial Aid office.

BSU students enrolled at UI will have the same privileges and enjoy the same student services as other full-time students.  They also will be subject to the statutes, ordinances, and regulations of UI as well as all local and national laws in Iceland.

BSU students must make arrangements for health/hospitalization insurance while they are in Iceland, and each student will provide acceptable written evidence of good health to the designated official at UI prior to admission into his/her program of study.  A copy must also be provided to the BSU International Program Center.  BSU students will also be required to purchase the International Identity Card, if their health insurance does not include coverage for repatriation of remains and emergency evacuation.

BSU students must possess passports and required visas for the period of study in Iceland, copies of which must be provided to the International Office at UI and to the BSU International Program Center.

UI will provide BSU with annually updated information on the minimum amount of financial resources the student will need.  Each student must provide evidence to the International Office at UI that he/she possesses the amount of financial resources indicated as necessary by UI to participate in this study abroad program.

This exchange opportunity is subject to change, based on a review by both institutions for updates, continuation or cancellation. 


Apply to become an exchange student in Iceland.

Students should complete the application form and make an appointment to see:

International Program Center Director
Bemidji State University
International Program Center
Deputy Hall 103
Bemidji, MN 56601
Telephone: 218.755.4096