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Education Abroad

***For those interested in Education Abroad (previously known as Study Abroad), please accept our apologies as we are updating our program information. Thank you for your patience in this time of flux.  

South Korea - Kyung Hee University

Study in English at Kyung Hee University, Seoul Campus, South Korea

Bemidji State University, U.S.A. and Kyung Hee University, Seoul Campus, South Korea, offer the opportunity for a semester-long education abroad experience as an exchange student. 

The purpose of the Student Exchange program is to promote international friendship and world peace stimulating and supporting intercultural activities and projects among students from the USA and South Korea, and to promote goodwill between the two institutions--especially in the area of student exchange.

Each institution will determine its own method of selecting students for the exchange program and determine how each of its students is likely to benefit from a particular course of study at the host institution.  Students must meet the admission requirements for international students of the host institution, and the final admission decision will be determined by the appropriate official body at the host institution.  Equivalency between courses and programs will be agreed upon in advance for each student for the purpose of awarding academic credit.

All applications and dossiers will be sent to the receiving institution specifying a deadline for response.

Exchange students will be permitted to enroll in courses and programs at the host institution for which they are qualified with the exception of those courses in which places may not be available due to enrollment limitations.  Enrollment in ESL courses at BSU by KHU students will be determined by the student's performance on the English language assessment administered during the orientation session.

Students enrolled in the host institution will have the same privileges and enjoy the same student services, and other amenities as other full-time residence students.  They will also be subject to the statutes, ordinances, and regulations of the host institution as well as the local, state and federal laws of the region.

The program is based initially on the principles of a direct annual one-to-one exchange of students.  Some latitude may be provided in allowing for unequal exchange of students as long as the total number of students is relatively equal over a period of five years.  Once BSU names a student to attend KHU as an exchange participant, KHU will then select their exchange student to attend BSU.  

Each student will pay tuition and fees to his/her home institution as well as such ancillary charges that may be charged by that institution.  Exchange students are subject to the same requirements for admission and academic performance expectations as established by the host institution.
No refund of fees will be granted unless otherwise stated in official university documents, if the student is unable to complete his or her course.

Students will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and associated costs.

The host institution will help arrange accommodations for visiting students.  Students will be required to live in on-campus housing if available.  Students will be responsible for submitting the on-campus housing applications and for the cost of accommodations.  The universities will also provide meal option information.  The student will be responsible for all food costs.

Credit at the home institution will be determined by the home institution dependent upon the courses taken and grades received by the students at the host institution.  Terms under which credit will be awarded will normally be provided to the exchange students prior to their enrollment.

Each student must undertake in writing to comply with the regulations of the host institution and with the instructions given by his or her advisor/tutor.

Each student shall comply with the host school's requirement for evidence of language proficiency.

Each exchange student must make arrangements for health/hospitalization insurance while they are the host institution.
1.    KHU students studying at BSU will be required to purchase the health insurance plan provided by the health insurance provider contracted by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU).

2.    BSU students studying at KHU must purchase the education abroad health insurance provider contracted by MnSCU.   

Each student must possess a passport and required visa for the period of exchange.

Each student must demonstrate to the host institution that he or she possesses sufficient financial resources to participate in the exchange.

Students must agree to authorize their host institution to send official transcripts to their home institution upon completion of the academic program.

Both institutions shall make available information on academic policies and procedures, academic program offerings, on-campus housing accommodations, calendars and schedules.

Each student shall provide an acceptable health affidavit/immunization record to the host institution designated official prior to admission to the university.

This agreement will be valid for a period of five years, beginning with the 2011 spring semester.  

Visit Kyung Hee University's website for more information on their program offerings and to access the application to attend KHU.

BSU students interested in participating in this exchange program need to complete an Application to Participate as an Exchange Student at Kyung Hee University.   


Apply to become an exchange student in South Korea.

For more information contact:

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