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Education Abroad

***For those interested in Education Abroad (previously known as Study Abroad), please accept our apologies as we are updating our program information. Thank you for your patience in this time of flux.  

Sweden - Linnaeus University in Växjö

Study in English in Växjö, Sweden

Linnaeus University is known for its international profile with over 450 international students from Scandinavia, Europe, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Japan studying here each year on an exchange basis.

A Global University

Linnaeus University offers programmes in the management sciences, social sciences, health sciences, computer science, engineering and natural sciences, humanities and teacher training. There are on-going research and development projects in all of these fields, often with a significant international component.

Academic Considerations

All of the programmes are conducted in English for both Swedish and international students. Most of the programmes consist of a full-time semester of study (20 weeks) with several courses making up the curriculum. The courses are generally at undergraduate level and usually require two years of successfully completed university studies for admission.

In order to study full-time at Linnaeus University you should apply for 20 points/semester. You can either apply for a programme of 20 points or you can apply for a combination of the individual courses that are offered in this booklet. Please note that it is not possible to combine individual courses from different programmes.

In Sweden, a student studies one course at a time (consecutive scheduling) rather than several different courses at the same (parallel scheduling). Examination takes place after each course and at the end of the term the student receives a cumulative mark for the programme besides the individual marks for each course. You will find more information about studying at Linnaeus in Växjö on this Internet homepage:


The admission of international students to the English study programmes is open to qualified students who are recommended by their home university on an exchange basis. This means that the international student pays his or her tuition at the home university and pays room and board at Linnaeus University unless otherwise stated as with for example, an ISEP exchange.


Accommodation in Växjö will be provided in student or private housing or with host families.

For more information contact:

Cherish Hagen-Swanson
Director of the International Program Center
Phone: 218.755.4096


Apply to become an exchange student in Sweden.

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