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Student Organizations


Biology Club

Advisor: Dr. Debbie Guelda

Description: The biology club is a student-directed organization to facilitate friendships and connections between Biology majors. The club participates in a variety of activities ranging from camping in local parks to volunteering in and around the Bemidji area.

Website: Biology Club

Business Club

Advisor: Valerie Wallingford

Description: The Bemidji State University Business Club is a student organization open to all students majoring in and/or interested in business. The purpose of this organization will be to interest in and foster the goals of the business club to serve as a networking and community tool for business administration students.

Website: Business Club

Computer Science Club

Advisor: Marty Wolf

Description: The purpose of this organization is to stimulate and foster the goals of the Computer Science Club

Website: Computer Science Club

Criminal Justice Club

Advisor: Courtney Waid-Lindberg

Description: The Criminal Justice Club is a student organization open to all students majoring in and/or interested in criminal justice. The purpose of the Criminal Justice Club is three-fold. Its primary purpose is to contribute to the academic and professional development of the BSU Criminal Justice majors. This is accomplished by provided students with opportunities to meet practitioners and experts in the Criminal Justice field, and to participate in a wide range of activities involving the justice system. The secondary purpose of the club is to serve the Bemidji community by applying their talents as volunteers in various charitable efforts. Thirdly, the club serves as a social function in providing the members with social events that promote fellowship and support to fellow club members.

Website: Criminal Justice Club

Design Guild

Advisor: Steve Sundahl
Address: HMU #31

Description: The Design Guild, an extension of the undergraduate and graduate education art training program, expands student members' knowledge in the fields of graphic design, multimedia, and other forms of art. Through the experience and interaction with peers, the Design Guild will expand the knowledge base of club members in a variety of artistic mediums. The members will be enabled to: display work, build personal portfolio’s, and gain information in a multitude of collegiate fields.

Website: Design Guild

Mathematics Club

Advisor: Randy Westhoff
Address: BSU Box #23

Description: The purpose of the BSU Math Club is to stimulate student interest in the various phases of mathematics and computer science, and to promote fellowship among members.

Website: Mathematics Club

Music Educators National Conference


Advisor: Sally Sertich

Description: The purpose of the PEHS club is: 1) Provide communication between students, faculty, community and other professional organizations to share ideas and enhance relationships. 2) Enhance and expand educational opportunities for career preparation. 3) Encourage an active role on campus and in classroom activities for leadership development 4) Provide opportunities to teach and promote ones profession as well as learn new teaching strategies. The club is open to all majors and minors in the department and provides a great opportunity for fun and relationships!

Philosophy Club

Advisor: Kit Christensen

Description: The purpose of the philosophy club is to expand awareness of philosophical ideas and foster an interest in philosophy and to promote critical thinking.

Website: Philosophy Club

Pre-Law and Mock Trial Program

Advisor: Patrick Donnay

Description: The BSU Pre-Law Society strives to promote an increase awareness and interest in the law among BSU students. We will also help prepare students for law school & their eventual careers by providing them with the opportunity to become more familiar with the law school admissions process and various legal professionals.

Website: Pre-Law and Mock Trial Program

Psychology Club

Advisor: Angela Fournier
Address: HS 203

Description: The Psychology Club seeks to provide a relaxed, student-focused environment to support academic growth while encouraging involvement in extra-curricular activities. The Club also serves as a facilitator between faculty and students, and is open to anyone interested in psychology, not just those in the major program.

Website: Psychology Club

Social Work Club

Advisor: Cheryl Byers

Description: The purpose of the Social Work Club is to encourage a network of support, growth and friendship for all Social Work students; to increase awareness and promote social change within the university and community; to promote and practice the NASW Code of Ethics; to increase awareness and promote a positive image of social work as a profession; and to provide the opportunity for members to develop a thinking identity as a social work profession.

Website: Social Work Club

Spanish Club

Advisor: Miriam Rivera-Hokanson

Description: The Spanish Club is a student organization open to all students majoring in and/or interested in the Spanish language and culture.

Website: Spanish Club

Theater Unlimited

Advisor: Mark Fulton

Description: Theatre Unlimited is a student organization for an person, regardless of major, who is interested in being involved with theatre. The organization helps the University Theatre program produce three shows a year, as well as producing its own shows. Involvement provides students with opportunities to attend professional shows and stay informed of happenings in the world of theatre.

Website: Theater Unlimited

Varsity Singers

Advisor: David Ackermann
Address: n/a

Description: The Varsity Singers is a non-auditioned choir opened to all BSU students. An active ensemble, they perform regularly for various campus and community functions.

Website: Varsity Singers