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Student Organizations


BSUSA Student Senate

Advisor: Mary Tosch

Description: Bemidji State University Student Senate is the official voice of the students at Bemidji State University (BSU). Student Senate represents the student association, to which all students belong, to all levels of administration, faculty, and staff as well as all levels of government. It is also the official body that recognizes student organizations that are in compliance with BSUSA and University policies and constitutions. Acting in compliance with a form of parliamentary procedure, the Senate proposes regulations, creates services, initiates activity or policy, enforces compliance, petitions particular action by appropriate authority, and adopts resolutions to benefit the students of Bemidji State University.

Website: BSUSA Student Senate

College Democrats

Advisor: Chris Brown
Address: HMU #31

Description: The College Democrats is a student-run political organization open to all students who are interested in the Democratic party. The club is founded to advance the interest of University Democrats, and the active participation of young people in politics. The purpose of this organization is to train leaders, educate young Americans, and promote good government. To achieve our purpose of consolidation of Democratic interest among students, this organization will enter into those activities of local, state, and national political interest.

Website: College Democrats

College Republicans

Advisor: David Massaglia

Description: The College Republicans is a student-run political organization open to all students who are interested in the Republican party. The College Republicans was organized in 1988 to create a vehicle for young people to openly express their views and ideas and also give them the opportunity to help support the Republican Party through volunteer work. One of the main purposes of the College Republicans is to encourage the young to get involved in the political processes of this country. Members have the opportunity to be involved in elections of representatives and travel to political events. Everyone is welcome – we discriminate against no one, join us!

Website: College Republicans

Oak Hall Council

Advisor: Tyler Brown
Address: Res Life Box #33

Description: The Residence Hall Association (RHA) serves as a liaison between the residents residing on campus and the Department of Residential Life and Bemidji State University administration. The purpose of the Oak Hall Council is to improve the quality of life in Oak Hall through student leadership, governance, and advocacy.

Website: Oak Hall Council

Young Americans for Liberty

Advisor: Dave Massaglia

Description: A student organization working to make known and promote the principles of liberty.

Website: Young Americans for Liberty