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Student Organizations


Beaver Dam Fan Club

Advisor: Andy Janssen

Description: The Beaver Dam Fan Club seeks to encourage student's creativity and ideas to help boost attendance at BSU Athletic events and overall school spirit!

Website: Beaver Dam Fan Club

Bemidji State Fishing Team

Advisor: Chris Haley

Description: The purpose of the club is to have fun while encouraging camaraderie, sportsmanship, integrity, conservation, and developing the skills and knowledge needed to be successful anglers

Website: Bemidji State Fishing Team

Biology Club

Advisor: Dr. Debbie Guelda

Description: The biology club is a student-directed organization to facilitate friendships and connections between Biology majors. The club participates in a variety of activities ranging from camping in local parks to volunteering in and around the Bemidji area.

Website: Biology Club

BSUSA Student Senate

Advisor: Mary Tosch

Description: Bemidji State University Student Senate is the official voice of the students at Bemidji State University (BSU). Student Senate represents the student association, to which all students belong, to all levels of administration, faculty, and staff as well as all levels of government. It is also the official body that recognizes student organizations that are in compliance with BSUSA and University policies and constitutions. Acting in compliance with a form of parliamentary procedure, the Senate proposes regulations, creates services, initiates activity or policy, enforces compliance, petitions particular action by appropriate authority, and adopts resolutions to benefit the students of Bemidji State University.

Website: BSUSA Student Senate

Business Club

Advisor: Valerie Wallingford

Description: The Bemidji State University Business Club is a student organization open to all students majoring in and/or interested in business. The purpose of this organization will be to interest in and foster the goals of the business club to serve as a networking and community tool for business administration students.

Website: Business Club

Campus Activity Board

Advisor: Chinwuba Okafor

Description: The Hobson Union Programming Board, better known as HUPB, is responsible for providing many social and cultural programs for the campus community. HUPB is a group of volunteer students interested in programming events for all students. Students from various backgrounds come together to plan dances, concerts, coffeehouses, Homecoming, trips, special events, along with other activities directed toward advancing the quality of campus life. Using what they have learned, it is a chance for the students to create, program, publicize, enjoy and learn from the activities. Activities are provided that are entertaining and co-curricular in nature, along with providing an “informal” classroom where students can learn about themselves and others in dealing with decision-making situations. Membership is open to all BSU students.

Website: Campus Activity Board

Chi Alpha

Advisor: Richard Goeb

Description: Promoting a spiritual life by providing opportunities for worship, instruction, fellowship, and evangelism is what Chi Alpha is all about.

Website: Chi Alpha

Club Mud

Advisor: Steve Sundahl

Description: BSU Club Mud is a student organization open to all students majoring in Visual Arts and/or interested in the art of ceramics. The purpose of this organization is to promote ceramic art among BSU students and faculty by organizing guest artists and providing networking opportunities while promoting ceramics in the region.

Website: Club Mud

College Democrats

Advisor: Chris Brown
Address: HMU #31

Description: The College Democrats is a student-run political organization open to all students who are interested in the Democratic party. The club is founded to advance the interest of University Democrats, and the active participation of young people in politics. The purpose of this organization is to train leaders, educate young Americans, and promote good government. To achieve our purpose of consolidation of Democratic interest among students, this organization will enter into those activities of local, state, and national political interest.

Website: College Democrats

College Republicans

Advisor: David Massaglia

Description: The College Republicans is a student-run political organization open to all students who are interested in the Republican party. The College Republicans was organized in 1988 to create a vehicle for young people to openly express their views and ideas and also give them the opportunity to help support the Republican Party through volunteer work. One of the main purposes of the College Republicans is to encourage the young to get involved in the political processes of this country. Members have the opportunity to be involved in elections of representatives and travel to political events. Everyone is welcome – we discriminate against no one, join us!

Website: College Republicans

Computer Science Club

Advisor: Marty Wolf

Description: The purpose of this organization is to stimulate and foster the goals of the Computer Science Club

Website: Computer Science Club

Council of Indian Students

Advisor: Colette Dahlke

Description: The main goal is to offer Indigenous students an opportunity to participate and share his or her culture and traditions in a positive way. As well as raising awareness about diversity in our communities and surrounding areas. We welcome ANY student who is willing to spread a positive influence throughout Indian Country!

Website: Council of Indian Students

Criminal Justice Club

Advisor: Courtney Waid-Lindberg

Description: The Criminal Justice Club is a student organization open to all students majoring in and/or interested in criminal justice. The purpose of the Criminal Justice Club is three-fold. Its primary purpose is to contribute to the academic and professional development of the BSU Criminal Justice majors. This is accomplished by provided students with opportunities to meet practitioners and experts in the Criminal Justice field, and to participate in a wide range of activities involving the justice system. The secondary purpose of the club is to serve the Bemidji community by applying their talents as volunteers in various charitable efforts. Thirdly, the club serves as a social function in providing the members with social events that promote fellowship and support to fellow club members.

Website: Criminal Justice Club

Dance Team

Advisor: Suzy Langhout

Description: The Dance Team is a sport that is a year long commitment. Performing 2-3 times in the fall during half time at Beaver football games starts out the season. It continues into the winter where the team performs at numerous basketball games. Also, at least once a year the team attends a collegiate dance team competition. In the spring, dancing at the annual Funtastic Dance Follies is an exciting way to end the year. Try-outs are held at the beginning of Fall Semester and again at the beginning of Spring Semester.

Website: Dance Team

Delta Theta Kappa

Advisor: Dana Danielson
Address: HMU #31

Description: Delta Theta Kappa is BSU’s oldest sorority which was founded in 1967. Delta is a social and service sorority active both on and off campus. Throughout the year, they become involved in community service activities as well as social functions with Greek and non-Greek organizations. The special unity found among sorority members in Delta Theta Kappa can be directly linked to the bond sisterhood creates. This bond is a step beyond friendship, it is as if you have your own special “family” of caring people enjoying the lasting relationship in the sisterhood. All are invited to attend open rush.

Website: Delta Theta Kappa

Design Guild

Advisor: Steve Sundahl
Address: HMU #31

Description: The Design Guild, an extension of the undergraduate and graduate education art training program, expands student members' knowledge in the fields of graphic design, multimedia, and other forms of art. Through the experience and interaction with peers, the Design Guild will expand the knowledge base of club members in a variety of artistic mediums. The members will be enabled to: display work, build personal portfolio’s, and gain information in a multitude of collegiate fields.

Website: Design Guild

Ducks Unlimited

Advisor: Patrick Welle

Description: Duck's Unlimited

Website: Ducks Unlimited

Gaming & Entertainment Entushiast Klub (G.E.E.K.)

Advisor: Michael Herbert

Description: GEEK was created to raise awareness of all forms of group gaming entertainment including: boardgames, console/computer gaming, card games, role playing games, etc. Everyone is welcome to join and bring their own favorite forms of group gaming. GEEK has weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7pm in the Crying Wolf Room (Lower Union). Check out our Facebook group: BSU GEEK club

Website: Gaming & Entertainment Entushiast Klub (G.E.E.K.)

Geography Club

Advisor: Jill Stackhouse

Description: The Bemidji State University Geography Club is dedicated to the promotion and avocation of the Geography Department. Our goals include increasing awareness of the discipline through social and community networking, and incorporation of new students. We are continually aspiring to define ourselves as global citizens and encourage activities that advocate that ideal.

Website: Geography Club

InterGreek Council

Advisor: Dana Danielson

Description: The goals and aims of IGC shall be to unite all Greek organizations that are recognized by the University. It shall be used as a vehicle to promote social service, campus interaction and fellowship amongst these organizations.

Website: InterGreek Council

International Student Organization

Advisor: Jill Stackhouse

Description: The goals of the International Students Organization (ISO) are to develop mutual and cultural understanding among students of all countries, to assist in the practical orientation of all new international students accepted at BSU, and to make a tangible contribution towards global understanding.

Website: International Student Organization

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Advisor: Virgil Bakken
Address: HMU Box #31

Description: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) is a great place to build friendships. You can meet new people, faculty and IVCF staff as well as meet Jesus. We want to build a community who loves Christ and shares Him with others. Here a few basic facts about us: we are interdenominational (translation: anyone and everyone is welcome!) We have been on campus since the early 1940’s. Over 35,000 students are involved with IVCF all over the nation. We are also student led with staff advisors. College life can be pretty tough. We are here to help! If you get involved with us you will have the chance to grow in your faith, check out Jesus, make new friends, have fund things to do on the weekends, use your talents and abilities, develop leadership skills and get connected. Some activities that we plan include weekly Thursday Night Fellowship meetings, small group Bible studies, service projects, prayer meetings, retreats and leadership training. If you want to develop some lifelong relationships, experience and grow in your faith while have a ton of fun, come check us out.

Adam Lepp:
Brittany Messer:

Website: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Judo Club

Advisor: Jim Mastro

Description: The Judo Club is a student organization open to all students who are interested in judo. The Judo Club was started Fall Semester 1999, by Professor James Mastro, PHD (Mastro is a 3rd degree black belt and has medaled in the Paralympics games). Judo is an excellent source for conditioning, self-defense and self-confidence.

Website: Judo Club

Lifestyle Educators

Advisor: Jay Passa
Address: Student Health Service Box 30

Description: The Lifestyle Educators are peer educators who are trained to give current and accurate health related information to their peers. Peer educators focus on educating their peers about high-risk choices and are actively involved in developing, promoting activities and programs on the BSU campus. Peer educators are not experts and they don¹t claim to be, but they are passionate about creating a safe and healthy campus environment. Becoming a peer educator can be a great deal of fun and will enhance your collegiate experience. You¹ll make new friends and gain valuable leadership experience while making a difference in the lives of your peers.

Website: Lifestyle Educators

Lutheran Campus Ministry

Advisor: Nancy Haugen
Address: 1221 Birchmont Dr NE

Description: The mission of the Lutheran Campus Ministry is to witness to the Christian gospel by providing students with opportunities for worship, study, and Christian fellowship within the values of the Lutheran Church. In addition to weekly worship services, student groups are involved in various service projects throughout the community.

Website: Lutheran Campus Ministry

Mathematics Club

Advisor: Randy Westhoff
Address: BSU Box #23

Description: The purpose of the BSU Math Club is to stimulate student interest in the various phases of mathematics and computer science, and to promote fellowship among members.

Website: Mathematics Club

Men's BSU Club Hockey

Advisor: Doug Leif

Description: The purpose of men’s club hockey is to allow students who have played competitive hockey in the past to continue so with a smaller commitment. Club hockey operates usually from the end of September through the end of February. We practice two days a week, and play most weekends that do not fall during a school break. Our seasons normally consist of around twenty games. We try to get as many at home as possible, but we do find our selves on the road often. Try outs are held at the beginning of the season and the team consists of around 18 players. Although, we do allow those who do not make the team to practice with us throughout the course of the season for a small fee.

Website: Men's BSU Club Hockey

Men's Rugby

Advisor: Kierstin Hoven

Description: The purpose of this organization shall be to play rugby at the collegiate level and to compete against other colleges across the Midwest. Through competition this ruby club will: teach and improve rugby skills, promote school spirit, provide challenging and demanding athletic conditioning, learn and show understanding of humility, and lastly, to promote and educate others about rugby.

Website: Men's Rugby

Music Educators National Conference

Oak Hall Council

Advisor: Tyler Brown
Address: Res Life Box #33

Description: The Residence Hall Association (RHA) serves as a liaison between the residents residing on campus and the Department of Residential Life and Bemidji State University administration. The purpose of the Oak Hall Council is to improve the quality of life in Oak Hall through student leadership, governance, and advocacy.

Website: Oak Hall Council

Omega Phi Fraternity

Advisor: Brad Folkestad

Description: Omega Phi, a local service fraternity, has as its purpose to enhance the growth of its members in both the academic and social experience. Founded in 1992, its Founding Fathers wanted to organize a group that would change the reputation of the “fraternity” and help strengthen the once strong Greek system on the BSU campus. The fraternity does this by instilling in its members the ideals of service, academics, leadership and brotherhood. While focusing on service projects both on campus and in the greater Bemidji area, the group is most well known for its annual “Out in the Cold” project. During this project the group stays out in the frigid, northern Minnesota elements for 72 hours to raise campus and community awareness for the problems of homeless in the Bemidji area. These and other activities build a sense of brotherhood within the group and create a network for opportunities for the future. Omega Phi initiates pledges in a way that is respectful and where the integrity of the individual is a top priority.

Website: Omega Phi Fraternity

One Campus Challenge

Advisor: Mary Carlson

Description: The ONE Campaign at Bemidji State University is a group of students who share the belief that with a US commitment to debt relief, fair trade, gender equality, health care, economic development - we will see the end to global AIDS and extreme poverty.

Website: One Campus Challenge

Otaku Society

Advisor: Drew Graham

Description: Otaku Society (formerly Anime Guild) “Otaku” is Japanese and is translated roughly as “fanatic”. An otaku in Japan is someone who is obsessed with a subculture. In America anime (Japanese animation) fans use the term to describe themselves. An otaku in America is someone who loves Japanese animation. The purpose of this organization is to spread knowledge of anime.

Website: Otaku Society


Advisor: Sally Sertich

Description: The purpose of the PEHS club is: 1) Provide communication between students, faculty, community and other professional organizations to share ideas and enhance relationships. 2) Enhance and expand educational opportunities for career preparation. 3) Encourage an active role on campus and in classroom activities for leadership development 4) Provide opportunities to teach and promote ones profession as well as learn new teaching strategies. The club is open to all majors and minors in the department and provides a great opportunity for fun and relationships!

Philosophy Club

Advisor: Kit Christensen

Description: The purpose of the philosophy club is to expand awareness of philosophical ideas and foster an interest in philosophy and to promote critical thinking.

Website: Philosophy Club

Ping Pong Club

Advisor: Theodore Henry

Description: The Ping Pong Club is an organization for individuals that have the enthusiasm for ping pong (table tennis) and would like to learn more about the game. Some of the objectives of the Ping Pong Club is to train ourselves to achieve a higher level of play, learn more about table tennis as a competitive sport, increase the exposure, presence and awareness of ping pong at Bemidji State University and Bemidji Community, as well as forming a college table tennis team to be involve in National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA).

Website: Ping Pong Club

Pre-Law and Mock Trial Program

Advisor: Patrick Donnay

Description: The BSU Pre-Law Society strives to promote an increase awareness and interest in the law among BSU students. We will also help prepare students for law school & their eventual careers by providing them with the opportunity to become more familiar with the law school admissions process and various legal professionals.

Website: Pre-Law and Mock Trial Program

Psychology Club

Advisor: Angela Fournier
Address: HS 203

Description: The Psychology Club seeks to provide a relaxed, student-focused environment to support academic growth while encouraging involvement in extra-curricular activities. The Club also serves as a facilitator between faculty and students, and is open to anyone interested in psychology, not just those in the major program.

Website: Psychology Club

Relay for Life

Advisor: Angie Casper

Website: Relay for Life

Rotaract Club

Advisor: Joe Czapiewski

Description: The purposes of the Rotaract Club are to develop effective leaders, promote responsible citizenship and positively influence the community through the framework of friendship. Rotaract Club offers a wide choice of social activities, attempts actively support the local community, raises money for charity and gives its members the opportunity to develop personal skills and gain new life experiences on local and international levels.

Website: Rotaract Club

Rugby Club

Advisor: Kiersten Hoven

Description: The purpose of this organization will be to stimulate interest in and to foster the goals of the Rugby Club which are to have fun, enjoy the sport, teach sportsmanship and teach the fundamentals of the game.

Social Work Club

Advisor: Cheryl Byers

Description: The purpose of the Social Work Club is to encourage a network of support, growth and friendship for all Social Work students; to increase awareness and promote social change within the university and community; to promote and practice the NASW Code of Ethics; to increase awareness and promote a positive image of social work as a profession; and to provide the opportunity for members to develop a thinking identity as a social work profession.

Website: Social Work Club

Spanish Club

Advisor: Miriam Rivera-Hokanson

Description: The Spanish Club is a student organization open to all students majoring in and/or interested in the Spanish language and culture.

Website: Spanish Club

Students for the Environment

Advisor: Pat Welle

Description: STudents for the Environment is a student organization that promotes activities that enhance environmentally sound practices.

Website: Students for the Environment

Swing Dance Club

Advisor: Suzy Langhout

Description: The purpose of the Swing Dance Club is to foster interest in the concept of swing dancing and also, to learn about the history of swing dancing and appreciate its true art form. This organization is for the betterment of the community as well as BSU!

Website: Swing Dance Club

The Phoenix

Advisor: Barb Butler

Description: The Phoenix @ BSU is a student organization that provides support and affirmation for GLBTQS and their allies on BSU's campus and the community.

Website: The Phoenix

Theater Unlimited

Advisor: Mark Fulton

Description: Theatre Unlimited is a student organization for an person, regardless of major, who is interested in being involved with theatre. The organization helps the University Theatre program produce three shows a year, as well as producing its own shows. Involvement provides students with opportunities to attend professional shows and stay informed of happenings in the world of theatre.

Website: Theater Unlimited

Theta Tau Epsilon

Advisor: Jeff Ueland
Address: HMU #15

Description: Founded in 1965, Theta Tau Epsilon social fraternity is the oldest Greek organization on campus, having initiated over 400 members into its brotherhood. The fraternity was founded to further the academic, social and service dimensions of its members within the context of the campus community. It sponsors on a regular basis participation in campus and community activities which expand the social awareness and sensitivity of the fraternity members. Theta Tau Epsilon established and maintains the Rick Maynard Scholarship, named for its longtime advisor, and the Theta Tau Epsilon Alumni Scholarship, within the BSU Foundation. Grants in the form of scholarships are available to the active members of the fraternity from these two funds. Associated with the Fraternity is the Theta Tau Epsilon Alumni Association, an organization designed to maintain the bond of Brotherhood beyond graduation and the BSU campus. Theta Tau Epsilon initiates its pledges into the brotherhood in a manner which is respectful of the human dignity and worth of each individual. Membership is open to all undergraduate male students.

Website: Theta Tau Epsilon

True North Campus Ministry

Advisor: Kiki Schnackenberg

Description: The purpose of this organization will be to stimulate interest in and to foster the goals of the True North Campus Ministry-WELS. True North Campus Ministry-WELS is in doctrinal fellowship with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. This organization exists for the purpose of helping students grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and that we heed his command to go and make disciples of all nations.

Website: True North Campus Ministry

Ultimate Frisbee

Advisor: David Ackermann

Description: A group of avid students who enjoy and promote the game of Ulitimate Frisbee. The club plays year round with practices three days a week outside in the fall and spring and Wednesday nights in the rec center in the winter. The team also travels to a few tournaments each semester. COME JOIN THE FUN!

Website: Ultimate Frisbee

Varsity Singers

Advisor: David Ackermann
Address: n/a

Description: The Varsity Singers is a non-auditioned choir opened to all BSU students. An active ensemble, they perform regularly for various campus and community functions.

Website: Varsity Singers

Veterans Club

Advisor: Beth Hagensen

Description: The BSU Veterans Club is open to past/present military service members, or other interested individuals. We are the Veteran's voice on campus as well as support for members/their families. Join us and be part of the BSU Vet Club!

Website: Veterans Club

Women's Flat Track Roller Derby Club

Young Americans for Liberty

Advisor: Dave Massaglia

Description: A student organization working to make known and promote the principles of liberty.

Website: Young Americans for Liberty

Young Life

Advisor: Constance Aagard

Description: Young Life brings the good news of Jesus Christ into the lives of adolescents with an approach that is respectful of who kids are and hopeful about who they can be. We believe in the power of presence. Kids' lives are dramatically impacted when caring adults come alongside them, sharing God's love with them. Because their Young Life leader believes in them, they begin to see that their lives have great worth, meaning and purpose.

Website: Young Life