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Student Organizations


Delta Theta Kappa

Advisor: Dana Danielson
Address: HMU #31

Description: Delta Theta Kappa is BSU’s oldest sorority which was founded in 1967. Delta is a social and service sorority active both on and off campus. Throughout the year, they become involved in community service activities as well as social functions with Greek and non-Greek organizations. The special unity found among sorority members in Delta Theta Kappa can be directly linked to the bond sisterhood creates. This bond is a step beyond friendship, it is as if you have your own special “family” of caring people enjoying the lasting relationship in the sisterhood. All are invited to attend open rush.

Website: Delta Theta Kappa

InterGreek Council

Advisor: Dana Danielson

Description: The goals and aims of IGC shall be to unite all Greek organizations that are recognized by the University. It shall be used as a vehicle to promote social service, campus interaction and fellowship amongst these organizations.

Website: InterGreek Council

Omega Phi Fraternity

Advisor: Brad Folkestad

Description: Omega Phi, a local service fraternity, has as its purpose to enhance the growth of its members in both the academic and social experience. Founded in 1992, its Founding Fathers wanted to organize a group that would change the reputation of the “fraternity” and help strengthen the once strong Greek system on the BSU campus. The fraternity does this by instilling in its members the ideals of service, academics, leadership and brotherhood. While focusing on service projects both on campus and in the greater Bemidji area, the group is most well known for its annual “Out in the Cold” project. During this project the group stays out in the frigid, northern Minnesota elements for 72 hours to raise campus and community awareness for the problems of homeless in the Bemidji area. These and other activities build a sense of brotherhood within the group and create a network for opportunities for the future. Omega Phi initiates pledges in a way that is respectful and where the integrity of the individual is a top priority.

Website: Omega Phi Fraternity

Theta Tau Epsilon

Advisor: Jeff Ueland
Address: HMU #15

Description: Founded in 1965, Theta Tau Epsilon social fraternity is the oldest Greek organization on campus, having initiated over 400 members into its brotherhood. The fraternity was founded to further the academic, social and service dimensions of its members within the context of the campus community. It sponsors on a regular basis participation in campus and community activities which expand the social awareness and sensitivity of the fraternity members. Theta Tau Epsilon established and maintains the Rick Maynard Scholarship, named for its longtime advisor, and the Theta Tau Epsilon Alumni Scholarship, within the BSU Foundation. Grants in the form of scholarships are available to the active members of the fraternity from these two funds. Associated with the Fraternity is the Theta Tau Epsilon Alumni Association, an organization designed to maintain the bond of Brotherhood beyond graduation and the BSU campus. Theta Tau Epsilon initiates its pledges into the brotherhood in a manner which is respectful of the human dignity and worth of each individual. Membership is open to all undergraduate male students.

Website: Theta Tau Epsilon