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Residential Life

Residential Life

  It's all right here!


Open your door to a floor filled with friends. Take a five minute walk and you're sitting in class. Go next door, dinner is served. Out of shampoo? The Lodge store is open until 10:00pm. Shoot a game of pool, catch a movie, pop some pop corn. It's all here.

Why live on campus? Bottom line, it's the convenience. You're a stones throw from every building on campus. You've got a study partner whenever you need one. You never have to worry about an empty refrigerator. There is always something to do. It's the convenience, but it's so much more.

A community. A home.

It's being a part of a community from day one. It's living along side people who are just like you. It's living along side people who are completely different from you. It's meeting people from around the world. It's making friendships that will last a lifetime. Where else can you do all of that in the comfort of your own living room?

So take a look around. See what you think. We've got a great tour guide. He's a little busy, so take the tour while you have the chance. See? He's waiting right over there.


The 2015-16 housing application is now available online for new and transfer students! Submit your housing application today!

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"I'll never forget move-in day my freshman year, realizing that I really am now on my own and being excited and nervous about my new found independence." -Brandon

Meet your tour guide.

Hi, I'm Bucky. I've been asked to show you around the place. I'm glad to do it, there's not a beaver in Beltrami county who knows more about life at BSU than I do. So come on, I've got the inside scoop on every res hall on campus.

Bucky's Tour - First Stop: Housing


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