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Residential Life

About The Department of Residential Life

Our Mission

The Department of Residential Life at Bemidji State University is committed to fostering safe, caring environments that encourage academic success, respect, personal growth, and a sense of responsibility toward our community and global society.

Our Values

  • Altruism - unselfish concern for the welfare of others.
  • Trust - in ourselves and others.
  • Inclusiveness - recognizing, appreciating, and celebrating differences and similarities. 
  • Honesty - behaving in accord with stated and implied values and principles.
  • Empathy - understanding others' feelings or difficulties.
  • Opportunity - providing for growth for self and others through involvement.
  • Excellence always striving toward a further goal, growing, never complacent.
  • Fairness - behavior and attitudes that reflect fair play and openness.
  • Respect - for oneself and the esteem and value of others, environment, and community.
  • Love - dedicate self for the purpose of enhancing one's own or another's good.

Our Goals


  • Partner with students and staff members to develop community expectations that encourage civility, respect for others and property, and individual rights and responsibilities.
  • Provide a dining service that offers quality and value.
  • Support our students and the University mission by collaboratively working with other offices on campus.

Academic Success

  • Provide environments that are conducive to student learning and fostering student success
  • Develop learning opportunities that complement the academic mission of the University
  • Provide current technologies, programs, and facilities that support academic success

Student Growth

  • Provide resources and support for successful transition to and from the collegiate experience
  • Support and challenge students to foster autonomy and personal growth
  • Utilize policies, procedures, and activities which lead to self exploration and enhance respect for oneself and others
  • Encourage student awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the diversity of individual backgrounds, beliefs, and ideas
  • Encourage participation in community service and cultural awareness activities to enhance understanding of one's role in a larger society and the need to contribute positively to it.


  • Share responsibility with our residents for maintaining safe, clean, and comfortable facilities.
  • Access facilities and program on a continuous basis in order to plan for improvement and growth
  • Practice fiscal responsibility in managing facilities and resources


  • Serve as caring and supportive models of ethical and professional behavior
  • Serve as advocates for residents with their concerns and act as a resource
  • Empower staff through interactive training, personal supervision. And leadership development
  • Provide staff with strategies for developing community and meeting the needs of students
  • Follow a comprehensive staff selection process that is international and fair and that results in the hiring of outstanding staff

Bucky's Scoop.

Bucky talks

The Department of Residential life is all about the people. The people who work here and live here. Take a second to read more about the people who work around these parts and get to know them a little bit. Together you all make quite a fine community, and I for one am proud to know you!