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Nathan Meints

I am Nathan Meints and I serve as the Hall Director for Birch Hall and Tamarack Hall.  My responsibilities include supervising all the student staff (RA’s/PAA’s/ARHD's) in Birch and Tamarack, working with academic and social programing, and helping YOU reach your best at Bemidji State University.  Please don’t hesitate to ask me how I can help you.

Being a hall director is my full-time job.  I have an undergraduate degree in political science, and a Master’s Degree in Social Responsibility from St. Cloud State University. 

Professionally, I have many areas of interest.  One of the things I appreciate most about working at BSU is its commitment to being sustainable. Sustainable living is a large passion of mine.  I also enjoy working with diversity education and emergency preparation. 

Personally, I have a wide range of interests.  I enjoy watching TV (my favorite shows at the moment are The Walking Dead and Parks and Rec), exposing my “gift” of knowing random trivia (I never turn down a game of Trivial Pursuit!) and spending time with my cat, Eureka!

Again, please don’t hesitate how I can help you learn and grow at Bemidji State University.  I wish you the best of luck during your time here!

Nathan Meints


  • Residence Hall Director: Birch Hall and Tamarack Hall

Tamarack: 218-755-3400
Birch: 218-333-7544