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Residential Life

Campus Living

Making the Transition to Campus Living

students talkingThere's a lot to think about when making the transition from living at home to living on campus. You're thinking about what to bring, getting settled in, getting to know  your roommate, learning about Residential Life policies and your responsibilities as a resident. This is the section that will help you sort out all these questions. If you still have questions, remember our Frequently Asked Questions section, and of course you can always contact your Residential Life staff for more information.

Move-In Guide

What do I need to bring for my room? What do I need to bring for myself?! What is already here? Is there a rental program? How can I rent my bed loft? What am I forgetting? It's all here . . .

Getting to Know Your Roommate

You're strangers when you meet. Getting off on the right foot can turn that stranger into a lifelong friend.Tips on getting to know each other, how to get along, and how to live together, click here to read more

Safety and Security

We consider the safety of our residents our top priority. Learn more about Residential Life's safety and security procedures and about the Department of Public Safety. There are also tips to help you take responsibility for the safety of yourself and your property. Click here to read more.

  1. Higher GPA
  2. Tunnels
  3. Close to class
  4. No monthly bills
  5. No grocery shopping
  6. No cooking
  7. RAs and Hall Directors
  8. Leadership opportunities
  9. Job opportunities
  10. Friends, friends, friends

Bucky's Scoop.

Bucky talks

You're going to love living on campus! Here's a tip. Get involved! Visit the Calendar section often to keep up on Reslife programming. Join a student organization. Get involved in your Residence Hall Council.  Check out the activities going on at The Union, watch the University Calendar for campus events. Don't forget to cheer on your BSU Beavers. Personally, I never miss a game.

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