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Residential Life

Move-in Guide

Move-in Day

A crowded mess. It's a hectic day full of different emotions and new sights and people. Have a plan of attack BEFORE getting there. There are some carts to help you move stuff from the car to the room, but they might just all be gone by the time you get there, so we encourage you to bring one! Do you want to loft your bed? Do you want a couch or chairs? Remember to include some familiar comforts from home, like that great teddy bear you had when you were six! But don't forget, you have a roommate who wants to do all of this too.

What's Available?

Bed, desk, dresser? Find out what is already here . . .

Can I loft my bed?

Click here for more information about bed lofting...

What should I bring for myself?

Winter wear and lots of underwear are no-brainers, but what else? Here are lists of items that should be on your definitely bring list.

What should I bring for my room?

Bedding, cooking items, furniture, study aids we've thought of everything (well we tried to anyway).

What can I rent?

The Department of Residential Life is working with, which is providing rentals of lofting kits, microfridges, futons, and safes. For more information, please visit their website.


Top ten items not to forget

  1. Extension cords
  2. Masking and duct tape
  3. Social security card and other documents
  4. Flip flops
  5. Power strip
  6. Surge protector
  7. Ear plugs/eye mask
  8. Lockable trunk or safe
  9. Extra underwear
  10. A dolly or cart to help you on move-in day

    More . . .


Bucky's Scoop.

Bucky talks

Whew! It's a lot of work isn't it? I for one need a break. 

Here's a tip for move-in day. Plan your goodbyes to your parents someplace off campus, like a familiar restaurant chain or at a local park. I know it was a big moment when I said goodbye to my folks the day I moved into my own lodge. It's nice to be away from all the commotion and have the moment to  yourselves.