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Move-In Guide

Bed Lofting Information

One of the ways residents personalize their residence hall room is to loft the beds.  If you are considering this option, you may elect to rent a bed lofting kit.

If you choose not to rent a lofting kit, you may construct your own loft.  Any loft construction not complying with the Bed Lofting Guidelines and Information is prohibited.  It is important to understand that room, bed, and mattress dimensions vary, and it is therefore recommended that residents begin construction of lofts following their arrival to campus so accurate measurements can be made.

  • Loft construction projects MAY ONLY OCCUR DURING THE HOURS OF NOON - 8:00 PM in designated areas in the residence halls.  This is to ensure that the sleep/study rights of all residents are not infringed upon.
  • RESIDENTS ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY for any damages to the room caused by loft construction.  Furthermore, the University assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries to occupants of the room or their guests as a result of the loft construction or use.
  • Lofts must be located and constructed in a way that they DO NOT INTERFERE with or obstruct access to windows, plumbing, heating units or controls, or the main entrance/doorway.
  • Lofts must be FREE STANDING and constructed preferably with bolts.  No bolts, nails, wedges, etc., are to be sunken or placed into the wall, floor, or ceiling to support the loft.
  • Only PROCESSED MILLED LUMBER can be used for loft construction.
  • Attached room fixtures (telephones, blinds, light fixtures, electrical outlets, smoke detectors, desks, heating units, door closures, or closet doors) MAY NOT be removed, altered, or relocated due to loft construction.
  • CLOSET DOORS must remain in the residents' room.
  • Lofts are to be COMPLETELY DISMANTLED AND REMOVED from the room when the residents vacate the room either for a room transfer or upon check-out.  At the time the resident vacates the room, the room must conform to the same condition as noted on the Residence Hall Room Inventory Form.
  • For the safety of the residents, A MINIMUM OF 24 INCHES must be left vacant between the top surface of the MATTRESS and the ceiling.  BED DIMENSIONS: 36 "x 80".
  • Any refuse (sawdust, extra wood, etc.) created as a result of loft construction must be CLEANED UP AND DISPOSED OF immediately following the work.
  • RAISED FLOORS are prohibited.
  • All furniture, bed parts, etc. MUST REMAIN IN THE ROOM OR BE PLACED IN UNIVERSITY STORAGE SPACE after being properly marked with resident's name and room number.  Please see your Resident Assistant (RA) to access this storage space.
  • PRIOR TO LOFT CONSTRUCTION, residents are to contact their RA for a copy of the Lofting Guidelines and Agreement Form.  At the completion of the loft construction, residents must have their loft inspected by their RA for compliance to the lofting guidelines.
  • Failure to follow the Bed Lofting Guidelines may result in the LOSS OF LOFTING PRIVILEGES.  In addition, it may be necessary for Maintenance Personnel to remove the loft.  Residents would be billed accordingly.
  • ALL LOFTS ARE TO BE DISMANTLED prior to the Sunday preceding the beginning of finals exams.  Failure to comply may result in loss of lofting privileges or Conduct Charges.

To give you ideas regarding loft construction, several loft diagrams are illustrated here.  A copy of the Lofting Guidelines will be available upon check-in at your residence hall.


If you order your bed loft or other items from after their August 1 deadline, you may pick up your items during the following days and times (location to be determined):

  • Friday, August 23: 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Saturday, August 24: 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Sunday, August 25, from 12:00pm to 5:00pm